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@World_Wide_Wob asks Jeanie about pizza rolls, the lottery, and future of the Lakers - Lakers Pulse

@World_Wide_Wob asks Jeanie about pizza rolls, the lottery, and future of the Lakers

@World_Wide_Wob asks Jeanie about pizza rolls, the lottery, and future of the Lakers

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Host of “Buckets” and A+ meme tweeter @World_Wide_Wob sat down with Lakers President Jeanie Buss.

After a very interesting 10 minutes of talking about dogs, Rob Perez was overwhelmed with Periscope comments, and decided to finally bring Jeanie onto the show.

The questions started off easy. Rob asks Jeanie what a normal day for Jeanie Buss looks like.

“A lot has changed because there’s been changes in the front office, we brought in Magic, who brought in Pelinka. We’re very collaborative in communication. My job is evolving, being more involved in the day to day basketball department, as well as business department. Overseeing all sponsors and partners, gearing up to move headquarters, where we’ll have a new facility 3 times the size of our current facility, to develop players strength and conditioning, rehab from injury, we’ll have three different pools, it’s something different everyday.”

And the questions got more interesting. We all had a reaction to the Lakers keeping the pick, but what was the reaction from Jeanie Buss?

“In basketball, you do everything you can to prepare, but there are things you can’t, and the lottery is one. Some criticism and concern was expressed recently about the Lakers winning their last 5 of 6, but we felt good about the lottery. The Lakers had a little bit of Magic.” (CORNY)… Jeanie finished the question by stating, “getting that pick gives us flexibility and options, which will be up to the front office on what happens next.”

Talking about Magic and the front office more, Rob Perez asks Jeanie what the motivation was for him to come back to the Lakers.

“He said something to me in January about being at the age where he has everything he’s ever dreamt of. He wants to do what he’s passionate about, wants lakers to be great, the Lakers are his love. We wanted someone who’s pure intention is to make the Lakers great. This job is his dream job. We work well together, my dad was a very big influence in both of our [Jeanie and Magic] lives, we have the same values, same way of seeing what’s important, winning, and making your team better.”

Some questions about the future, but Rob also wants to reflect on the past. If theres one thing you could change, something with the franchise, not so much regret, but something to improve lakers, what would it be?

“The most important thing is to keep draft picks, develop players, and make sure coaching staff is set. No one mistake has haunted us (Periscope chat floods with Kobe comments, Rob laughs a little), but when Shaq was traded, that hurt because I love Shaq. I would have loved to have him around forever, he’s a joy to the game.”

Rob then says, “Ok I have to put you on the spot..”


And what Rob asks next is, if you could change Metta’s name, again, what would you change it to?

“Good question… (Awkward silence).. I liked it when he threw panda in there, Ron, Metta, whatever it is, he’s one of the most lovable human beings, someone who everyone in the organization gravitates to, great influence on young players and support to Luke’s rookie coaching season.”

(Comment section demanding Lonzo Ball)

Rob has had enough of the Lonzo Ball comments and finally asks Jeanie a tougher question. If Lonzo is a Laker, what type of influence are you OK with him [Lavar] having in the Lakers organization, something like Spike Lee, or just stick to business?

“That decision is up to our front office, their job is to assess what player matches our roster, it’s really up to them. I’ve been in this business over 30 years, and family member influence is always important to have. Any parent is going to think their kid is the best, I don’t see any issues with that, but again, it’s up to the front office to make the decisions on who that player will be. I will embrace that player and give them the support they need.”

Some questions were easy, some were tougher, and some… unusual.

3 shapes, put them in order, and why you put them there.

“The circle is my favorite, it represents infinity, sharing, there is no one on top or bottom, it’s all about community. I love the triangle, not gonna lie, we’ve got a few of these trophies because of the triangle (Points to trophies behind her). I think they’re all flattering and have a role in society.”

Who is the toughest Laker of all time?

Almost like she didn’t even have to think about it, “Kobe. The most motivating player I’ve ever met. He is someone who is strategic and thinks things through, patient, but knows how to deliver.”


After talking about advertising, having patches on jerseys, Jeanie Buss, are you pro pizza rolls?

No joke, this was the perfect ending to an interview, this is why I love Jeanie Buss. Her reply, “Pizza rolls are like God… I love pizza rolls”

For the full interview, click HERE.

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