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Wizards interested in trading for Lou Williams - Lakers Pulse

Wizards interested in trading for Lou Williams

Wizards interested in trading for Lou Williams

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Trade season is in full swing and the Lakers are as active as they’ve been over the past couple of seasons. The name most often brought up around the Lakers is sixth man Lou Williams. The Wizards are in desperate need of bench scoring and have a need at the wing. Lou Williams almost makes too much sense for them.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical, the Wizards have Lou Williams on their radar.

“They gotta improve their bench. They feel like if there’s a wing player that they can get out in the trade market, Lou Williams with the Lakers, they have interest in, Bojan Bogdanovic with the Nets. Washington has shown an inclination to give up a future draft pick, a first round pick potentially even in this draft to get at a veteran who may even turn out to be a rental for them. They see an opportunity here.”

If I’m the Lakers, I would try to also pull a player from the Wizards, perhaps Kelly Oubre, and jump on that deal immediately. With the Lakers pick not guaranteed this year, it should be a top priority to attempt to obtain another first round pick. Many Lakers fans don’t want to see Lou Williams go, but that scenario might be best for all parties involved. Williams will get to go to a contender and be rewarded for his career year, the Lakers youth will have a longer leash and more freedom, and the front office gets another first round pick, which they have been amazing with recently. At this stage in the rebuild, the Lakers don’t really have much use for a 30 year old scorer and Lou Williams should be on a contending team with the season he has put together.