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Will the Lakers young core be successful this season? - Lakers Pulse

Will the Lakers young core be successful this season?

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Statistics are a fundamental part of the game. This has never been more so true than now, with the evolution of analytics and advance statics. Unfortunately, I am not a computer and can not predict these advanced stats, but I can attempt to predict basic stats for the the Lakers fantastic young core.

D’Angelo Russell

19 PPG 5 RPG 4.5 APG on 45-40-77 and 190 3-pointers made and 3 TPG

My first article on this site was a stat prediction for D’Angleo.  There, I predicted he would average 16 PPG 5  RPG 5 APG. Then I watched the pre-season. D’Angleo is more far along as a scorer than I thought and his 3 point accuracy should be at 40% this season. While his vision is awe-inspiring, he still is turnover prone on his passes and with his handle, as he often gets the ball poked from behind. But that is fine, D’Angleo is a 20 years old and a season with this stat line will very successful.

Jordan Clarkson

17 PPG 4 RPG 2 APG on 47-37-80 and 1.85 SPG

Clarkson seems to have improved his 3 point shot even more, which is great. He is still excellent in mid-range and in the paint. But the biggest thing he has improved so far this year is his defense. He went from the worse defender on the team to maybe the best. He is moving his feet well, getting low, reading the plays, and has had active hands. This should lead to an uptick in steals. 1.85 steals would have been 10th in the NBA to put perspective on this. If JC reaches this it would be a huge success.

Brandon Ingram

11 PPG 4 RPG 1.5 APG on 41-34-69 and 1.25 BPG and 1.25 SPG

No one is higher on Brandon Ingram than me. No one. He will be a top 3 NBA player one day. I believe that. But it will take time. It will take him a while to adjust to the NBA 3 point line. He will likely be like D’Angleo was last season, averaging 37% or so after the All-Star break. He has struggled from the line, likely because of nerves (He is a 19 years old from Kingston, North Carolina now playing for a premier sports franchise) and he seems to be a rhythm shooter. He has been great defensively and if he averages 1.25 blocks and 1.25 steals that would put him at 4th and 2nd among rookies respectively, going off of last year. Ingram will likely flash most of his talent post All-Star break, but his defense and late season shooting will make him an All-Rookie first team member.

Julius Randle

13.5 PPG 11 RPG 4 APG on 47-N/A-73 and 3 Triple-doubles

Julius will start showing his true potential under this high paced, free flowing offense. We know he is an elite rebounder, but his most valuable skill is his ability to ball handle and rebound as a big. He he has the ability to create 3 or 4 fast breaks every game just off of normal rebounds. Don’t be shocked when he racks up assist.

Larry Nance Jr./strong>

8 PPG 6 RPG 1.5 APG on 50-32-77 and comes in third in the dunk ccontest

Larry has added a 3 point shot to his game which should really help the Lakers space the floor. He should be the first big off the bench and will likely be the 6th man. If he achieves this stat line it would really add depth to the Lakers

Tarik Black

5.5 ppg 5 rpg 0.25 apg on 52-N/A-50

Black will be the 2nd big off the bench and an energy guy. He should provide defense and depth. And that’s all

Ivica Zubac and Anthony Brown

Neither will get consistent playing time



These stats are optimistic, but I genuinely believe they will average this or at least slight under it. Luke’s offense will be a huge help. Here’s to a great season for the young guys