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Lakers training camp day four round up - Lakers Pulse

Lakers training camp day four round up

Lakers training camp day four round up

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Day 4 of training camp was today and fortunately for us NBA TV was broadcasting it live. I was able to pull some clips today from the broadcast. NBA TV didn’t do a very good job focusing on the actual training camp. I got what I could. (Note please forgive the 3-year-old in the background and the screen shake. Failed to turn off the vibrate while recording)

Randle showing up in camp

Prior to this clip Julius Randle took a shot to the face from Larry Nance Jr. This really fired him up and he looks solid on defense in this segment. Unfortunately for Randle that shot to the face was a tad bit more serious than he thought.

Randle continued to play on as there was still a great deal of practice left. Including this awesome 1 on 1 battles between Brandon Ingram and himself.

Now my Tweet says both struggle, however this isn’t a knock at them in camp. My quote here was actually a complement towards 2 things. One, Randle seems to be handling the perimeter much better than he has before and two, Ingram bodying and holding his own against Randle is impressive. The rookie seems to have more strength than the eye tells us, Nance can attest to that.

That’s Brandon “smooth” Ingram to you

Something showcased today was Brandon Ingram‘s length proving to be a huge asset for him. In this clip we see Ingram go up against D’Angelo Russell, Julian Jacobs, and Anthony Brown. All he does is turn and shoot, but his size has him way above the opposing players. Note the length for all 3 players is above average for their respective positions. The team loves it.

D’Angelo Russell squad leader

D’Angelo Russell also had a nice couple of moments. First he made an awesome block on Timofey Mozgov leading to a beautiful transition run out.

Walton and a few others have been very adamant about how Russell has really taken a leadership role and has been very vocal. This clip seems to prove that to be true.

Walton discusses the coming season

After the Practice was over Walton sat down with the NBA TV crew and discussed the coming season and what his expectations are for it.

Walton also went over the balance in tempering excitement if they start to win a few games consecutively. Or to keep focus should the lose a few games consecutively.

Biggest thing taken away from today is that Randle is an absolute beast right now. He continues to make his jumpers, but he also is a bull down low. Ingram continues to improve his shooting and continues to be stronger than he looks. Beyond that Nick Young has been on fire from outside in every video I have seen. Last much to the dismay of some Lakers Fans Yi Jianlian has played really well.

Bresnahan went even further than that.

How this actually translates to the actual season remains to be seen. We still have 4 days till the first preseason game and just about a month till the season starts.

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