The Backdoor Cut Podcast: Episode 13

The Backdoor Cut Podcast: Episode 13

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The boys are back, well most of them anyways as Jamie Rico was unable to attend because he thinks his priorities are more important than the podcast. Fear not though as we added more sizzle and spice to the podcast this time with addition of Lakers Outsiders star Kyle Hartwick.

The day after Byron Scott and we are all still so happy! (Jamie tweet reference). We give our first hand reactions to the firing and the coaching search. Followed by our top 5 candidates for the job and speaking on the impact that a new coach could have to free agent meetings.

***** As a bonus feature, Kyle gave us a his story as to how he became a Lakers/Kings fans******

We also answer all of your questions and be sure to tweet them at us to be on the next one!!!!

*****Also our #4 player on our official Lakers Pulse big board Denzel Washington makes an appearance*****