Rumor: Richard Jefferson “likely” to join Walton’s coaching staff

Rumor: Richard Jefferson “likely” to join Walton’s coaching staff

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The Cavs did it. They finally won a championship for “The Land” after coming back from a 3-1 defecit. Richard Jefferson played the role of an unlikely key contributor off the bench for the Cavs in playing defense and even added some scoring. It may seem a bit soon for him to become a coach but “expert” Dave Miller says otherwise:

Miller praises his defensive I.Q. and the 35 year old has plenty of experience to offer. He is a best friend of Walton so it is no surprise that Luke would be interested even though R.J’s team just eliminated his team. Miller first broke the news of the Lakers hiring Jesse Mermuys and seems he is still a bit connected with the league. Yet Chris Mannix of the Vertical says to wait and see as his recent performance could draw a one year deal that makes him consider unretiring:

Jefferson is likely to stay retired and his connection with Luke and what he offers as another experienced head on the bench could draw him to help mentor the young guys.

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