Rumor: Luol Deng and Larry Nance Jr. are “targets” for the Magic

Rumor: Luol Deng and Larry Nance Jr. are “targets” for the Magic


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It appears the Magic have barely reached their peak (Chance the Rapper reference). The Orlando Magic just recently signed Carlos Prunes to a NBA contract. That isn’t the story here. On the board in the background, the Magic have revealed their free agency plan and their targets:

A closer look to the board shows off the names of some Laker players that the Magic are interested in.

On the list for hybrid forwards to trade for appear Larry Nance JR and Luol Deng. This is interesting on so many levels. First of all, has any team ever leaked their offseason plan via picture? On Twitter? Now plans do change and things may happen between now and offseason to change what the Magic do, but this is a great chance for the Lakers to cut a deal.

Nance is sure to be a hot commodity on the market if he is placed on the block. His value as an energy forward can be enticing in the modern NBA. He hasn’t really improved much since his Summer League stint and that makes him someone that can hit the market and is definitely tradable. He isn’t burning a hole in the pocket of the Lakers, but the Lakers could certainly get a nice haul for him.


Trading Luol Deng, on the other hand, is something that really needs to happen. His contract is huge and his timeline is nowhere near the timeline of the youth. Deng also is a bad basketball player. A really bad one. The Lakers should be looking to shed that contract at whatever cost. If Pelinka and Magic could get this done, it would be a huge boost to the rebuild and it would help bring in actual quality players.

Let’s take a moment to really savor this moment. A professional basketball organization leaked their WHOLE offseason plan by a picture of some European guy signing with the team. What a time to be alive.