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Rob Pelinka is officially announced as Lakers GM - Lakers Pulse

Rob Pelinka is officially announced as Lakers GM

Rob Pelinka is officially announced as Lakers GM

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The Lakers officially announced the hiring of Rob Pelinka as their new General Manager today.

It has been rumored that he would be Mitch Kupchak’s replacement, but he had to make sure he officially left his business before he could join the team due to league rules. Pelinka has a long history with the Lakers as he was Kobe Bryant’s agent for most of his career. Beyond that, he was the agent for players such as James Harden, Eric Gordon, and many other NBA players such as the one and only Carlos Boozer. There is no doubt that his experience in the NBA warrants accolades as he has been involved in negotiations for many of his players throughout his career. In other words, he knows the ins and outs of the most recent CBA which will be huge for the team in the future.

Accolades and what’s left behind

Make no mistake, what Rob Pelinka is having to leave behind to become the Lakers GM is essentially a fortune. Forbes listed Pelinka as a top ten agent in the world, not just the NBA. He leaves behind his massive sports agency Landmark Sports, including the players he represents.

If you know the agent-player relationship, you know that most of these players are his best friends and are like family to him.

Essentially, he is taking a massive pay cut to take part in this rebuild and putting his name on the line while doing it.

Departure from the norm, or the new norm?

This particular move for the Lakers is certainly a departure from the normal MO, although Pelinka has been involved with Lakers for many years. Technically, he is outside the “Laker Family”, not being a former player or former lower tier executive. This particular hire follows the mold of the Golden State Warriors who hired Bob Myers as their general manager in 2011. Myers, also a former agent, with the help of Jerry West, has transformed that team into the juggernaut of the Western Conference. It is likely that this is what Magic Johnson and Jeanie Buss hope to get out of Pelinka. Personally, I’m very excited to see what a new look to the Lakers front office can produce. With a GM such as Pelinka, the possibilities are endless. He is well liked and well known in the NBA as a hard hitting agent, but well respected as a whole. I can only imagine the deals he can pull off to launch this team back into the upper echelon of the NBA.

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