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Q and A: Chris McGee of Spectrum Sportsnet - Lakers Pulse

Q and A: Chris McGee of Spectrum Sportsnet

Q and A: Chris McGee of Spectrum Sportsnet

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The Access Sportsnet Anchor Chris McGee was incredibly courteous and took some time to answer some questions for LakersPulse.com. In this interview, his shares his thoughts on the draft, the play of the Lakers over the last 10 games of the season, and other topics. It was an enormous privilege to conduct this interview.

Being the Captain of the Cal State Northridge Men’s Volleyball team, did you have time to play basketball in High School or College?

“I was actually a hoops player first. I played football, basketball, and baseball my whole life until my Sophomore year in High School. Our school got boys volleyball and I decided to play that to take a break from hoops for a few months. My last three years, I just played hoops and volleyball and thought I was gonna play hoops in college. I was being recruited by smaller schools. I went on a recruiting trip for volleyball at Cal State Northridge. I came home after hanging with the coach John Price and told my parents ‘I’m playing volley at the Ridge’ and that was that.”

I know you are passionate about the Lakers keeping their pick, if you had the final say on the pick, who would you choose and why?

“This is a tough one. I love Lonzo because he makes everyone better and that’s a rare ability to have. That being said, Fox is starting to intrigue me as well as Jackson and Fultz. I just didn’t get to see him play much, but I would really be happy with any of those guy, but Ball is my pick if I had to choose now.”

Do you think the Lakers play over the last ten games of the season was a result of schemes and plays finally sinking in or was there another reason?

“I think the last ten games was a combination of some different things. The young group really started to click, they played free from pressure, and they just played well too, it started to come together.”

Everybody wants Paul George, Who does Chris McGee want?

“I love PG and would love to see him with the Lakers, He would be a great piece. I think if you get PG then other chips begin to fall. I don’t want to give up too much to get him, because he may come in 2018. It’s risky to leave him out there another year. I’m willing to take the risk I think.”

Who or what inspires you?

“In my profession I’m inspired to do good work and get better. It’s like I was as a player and when I coached. I like being part of a winning team. I love winning. I’m uber competitive in sports so for me I love the journey and I like tough times because I know there are great things on the other side. I treat my job like it’s my team to be honest. This point in my life I am more driven by my family than anything else. I have two daughters so it’s about providing them the best life possible.”

When did you become a Lakers fan?

At birth, born in Southern California, my dad and mom used to watch Elgin, West and Wilt. My first love were the Showtime teams. I still remember Magic winning in 1980 when I was 8 years old.”

Speed round time!

Favorite Food

“Avocado breakfast burritos, probably Mexican if I had to pick one, also love a great steak too.”

Favorite Music

“Versatile: Old school Hip-Hop to Jack Johnson and John Legend to Classic Rock”

Favorite Current Laker

“Luke Walton or Ivica Zubac”

Favorite Past Laker

“Magic Johnson is my all-time favorite player, right behind them Big Game James Worthy/Robert Horry, Derek Fisher and Kobe/Shaq.”

Favorite Movie (I already know this answer because we have this in common)

“Fletch, you know it Bud!”

A very big thank you to Chris McGee for taking time out of his day to answer these questions. You can catch him on Spectrum Sportsnet with Jamie Maggio and Mike Bresnahan.