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Power Rankings Week 5 - Lakers Pulse

Power Rankings Week 5

Power Rankings Week 5

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The season is still new, so looking for large sample sizes are hard. Can I start over reacting to week by week performance yet? Editor: You already do Clayton…. (That wasn’t really the editor). Well in that case, time to start reacting to some interesting developments!

1Los Angeles Clippers13-20The Clippers are off to a franchise best start. If there were any early questions about this core after last year, I think those concerns are gone now.
2Cleveland Cavaliers10-20The Warriors may actually deserve to jump the Cavaliers, but until further notice, the champs hold on to the second spot.
3Golden State Warriors12-20The Warriors seem to be back on a roll and look to be clicking as they are on an eight game win streak. After the curb stomping they just gave the Pacers, I think it is safe to say that Kevin Durant will be just fine with this team.
4San Antonio Spurs11-3+2Spurs are on a 6 game winning streak. Some of y'all thought they were sliding though huh?
5Atlanta Hawks9-40Atlanta may be taking a slide after two bad losses. I was just about to say they may be a real challenger in the east too....
6Chicago Bulls9-5+4I still do not know how to explain the Bulls. Their spacing is getting tighter after a hot start, but apparently Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler are going to continue to torch it from deep.
7Memphis Grizzlies9-5+11Went from looking mediocre, to holy crap they may be good after all! They aren't just doing this against bad competition too. They have wins against Charlotte, Utah and one of two teams to beat the Clippers.
8Houston Rockets9-5+4I miss Mr. Pringles... D'Antoni and Harden... Like Basketball Porn on offense. I do not know how to really explain them either... Maybe that is just an oversight from some early skids.
9Toronto Raptors8-6-5Remember how I said that DeRozan would start coming back down to earth? Well that kinda happened.... and the Raptors fell down too going 1-4 since the last power rankings.
10Charlotte Hornets8-6-3They take another slide.... but if Charlotte could make up their mind of how good they want to be, that would be be great.
11Oklahoma City Thunder8-6+2The Westbrooks are what they are. A good team that is not good enough to be a great team. They win games they probably shouldn't, but then lose in confusing fashion.
12Boston Celtics 8-6+2I am truly sorry, the Celtics have overtaken the Lakers in terms of record and on the power rankings.... It is truly all my fault after last week.
13Portland Trailblazers8-7-4The Blazers went through a rough stretch and could see them plummet more. Their two big guys are still doing well, but the players they signed to massive deals need to hold up their end of the bargain (I'm looking at you Evan Turner.... and sadly Crabbe too).
14Los Angeles Lakers7-7-3Oh boy... Where to even start? Fans had apparently fully jumped on the playoff bandwagon, cause they have been a mess on social media since the last few losses. The ups and downs of this team were to be expected, especially with this stretch of hell they are just beginning. The team is young and fun. expectations need to take a step back.
15Indiana Pacers7-8+5Despite the Warriors "opening up a can" on the Pacers (Paul George and Myles Turner were DNPs), Indiana had a productive week after early strife.
16Utah Jazz7-8-8Holy crap, are they ever healthy? Injuries were their Achilles heel last year and it only continues on this season.
17New York Knicks6-7+6THE SUPER TEAM WITH A BIG JUMP. The Knicks are really good at home, but they might as bad as the Nets on the road.
18Milwaukee Bucks6-7-3Some had started to question if the Bucks were good after starting out hot. At least they have Giannis?
19Orlando Magic6-8-2Orlando went 2-2 this week, but they seem to have given up on rebuilding. Aaron Gordon is still coming off the bench and I am starting a GoFundMe after the Magic have completely destroyed any value Mario Hezonja might have had left.
20Detroit Pistons6-9-4Sheesh, when does Reggie Jackson return?
21Denver Nuggets5-8+4Mudiay has improved his turnover to assist ratio the last few games, so at least Mike Malone is not calling him out in the media right now.
22Sacramento Kings5-9-1Could they be any more of a disaster? At this rate, they will have to deal Boogie, Willie "Trill", Casspi and maybe a few more guys. Plus, new coach Dave Joerger is going to try small ball, after a year and a half of George Karl. Make up your mind. What a disaster.
23Minnesota Timberwolves4-9-1Even though the Wolves take a small slide, they have made some visible improvements. When those improvements translate into wins, and wins against good competition is the question.
24Miami Heat4-9+2I really want to put the Pelicans above the Heat, but I cannot do it just yet.
25New Orleans Pelicans4-10+5Look at New Orleans jumping up the rankings! Could have gone higher too. With the return of Jrue Holiday, things have improved. Maybe they aren't destined for the top pick after all.
26Brooklyn Nets4-9-6Nets have lost 4 in a row, thus the slide. As a Lakers fan, I hope the Nets can win more games so the pick that goes to Boston is not as good as they'd hope.
27Washington Wizards4-9+1They beat the Suns and the Knicks at home this week. Bleh. There could be big questions ahead. Does this team sell? Or does Ernie Grunfeld try to save his job and make some dumb win now trades using some interesting assets?
28Philadelphia 76ers4-10+2Since the last power rankings, the 76ers have looked decent. Losing as expected to really good teams, but they are winning games they have a chance in. Improvement?
29Phoenix Suns4-11-5A certain former Lakers beat reporter said the Suns could make the playoffs, which is far-fetched now. There is still plenty of time, but they look like a mess.
30Dallas Mavericks2-11-3Harrison Barnes leads the league in ISO%.... so that tells you how their season is going so far.