Power Rankings Week 4

Power Rankings Week 4

Lakers and Pacers in talks for Paul George trade
D’Angelo Russell: “I want to work out with Kobe”
Luke Walton is ‘happy with this season’.

It is time start getting over reactions. With approximately over 10% of the season already done, people want to start making bold predictions. Will DeRozan keep this up all year? Are the Warriors actually in trouble?  With all the movement that happened this week, I believe it shows that we should not assume anything just yet. Now let’s see how the teams got ranked.

1Los Angeles Clippers9-1+1THE CLIPPERS ARE GOING STREAKING! Los Angeles has run off six straight wins against playoff teams, or those with serious aspirations. Their first real test could be December 1st against the Cavaliers.
2Cleveland Cavaliers8-1-1The Cavaliers are still the top of the east, but after a surprising loss to a very good Hawks team, they had to be dinged.
3Golden State Warriors8-2+1They do have some concerns, but those can be addressed closer to the deadline with some of their intriguing young pieces. On just current pieces alone, they are going to be awesome.... unless they face the Lakers in Staples again.
4Toronto Raptors7-2+3DeMar DeRozan is leading the league in scoring, and has been absolutely phenomenal. Problem is, he is shooting 52% from the mid-range. Last year as an All-Star, he shot 38% in the same area. That does not seem sustainable.
5Atlanta Hawks7-2+3After losing back to back games versus the Lakers and Wizards, the Hawks have won four straight. Dwight looks to be a great fit for Atlanta.
6San Antonio Spurs7-3-3Pops? Check. Kawhi? Check. The Spurs are still the Spurs no matter if they dropped this week.
7Charlotte Hornets6-3-2They probably should have slid further due to two straight loses, but those came against Toronto and Cleveland. I think we can forgive them this week.
8Utah Jazz 7-4+1The wins for the Jazz this week didn't come against great competition, but the most important thing for the Jazz is that Gordon Hayward looks to be scoring well since returning from injury. Hayward could raise his percentages, but that's nitpicking early.
9Portland Trailblazers7-4+1They have won five of their last six, but two of those wins came in overtime versus the Nuggets and Kings. Notice something missing from the Blazers comments this week? HOLY CRAP! EVAN TURNER (6.5 PER) SIGNED FOR HOW MUCH? There ya go. Could not forget that could I?
10Chicago Bulls6-4+5I guess the spacing jokes can go away for now since the Bulls are 14th in the NBA in three point shooting.... Butmaybenextweek? Sorry, I couldn't resist.
11Los Angeles Lakers6-5-1The Lakers are difficult this week. Instead of just the happy go lucky squad, people are now developing real expectations for the Lake Show. Since the last power rankings at Lakers Pulse, they went 2-2, with the loses being ugly. They will hold here for now, but before we start predicting playoffs, they have a two week stretch following the Nets game on Tuesday, that includes San Antonio, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Golden State (x2), and the Hawks. Let's hold off on anointing them just yet. That stretch will be key.
12Houston Rockets5-4+1Did Mike D'Antoni really call James Harden the best player to ever be in his system or was that internet nonsense? Steve Nash weeps while holding his back at even the thought.
13Oklahoma City Thunder6-4-7The Westbrooks are on a three game losing streak since last week. Never would have known on the internet.
14Boston Celtics5-4+1I probably should mention how the Celtics are suffering some big injuries right now.... But it just feels too good to be ahead of Boston right now.
15Milwaukee Bucks5-4+1When I looked who I had next, I immediately did the motor boat lips sound... That is not a good thing in this case. Milwaukee really should not have moved up, so just blame their rise on the failings of others.
16Detroit Pistons5-5-4The most notable thing about the Pistons this week were Stan Van Gundy's comments on the election.
17Orlando Magic4-6+3The Magic went 1-2 this week, but for some reason they feel better that others. It makes no sense, but whatever, these are my rankings after all. Can we start a movement of getting Mario Hezonja to the Lakers though? If he gets another DNP-CD, I may kidnap him myself.
18Memphis Grizzlies4-5+1Chandler Parsons returned, but he is shooting like crap. Yes I am sure it is just rust. That bench needs a lot of help to supplement their constantly injured stars.
19Brooklyn Nets4-5+5Who would have guessed that Brooklyn would be this high? They are an under the radar feel good team for now. GM Sean Marks and head coach Kenny Atkinson may need statues at the end of the year if they can keep competing like this.
20Indiana Pacers4-6-3The quotes by Paul George from last week do not seem like they will be any better after losing to Philadelphia this week.
21Sacramento Kings4-70Omri Casspi has reportedly asked to be traded. He will definitely not be the last. #FreeBoogie
22Minnesota Timberwolves3-6+4Minnesota may be finally turning a corner after winning two of their last three. Unfortunately, Thibs played LaVine 40 minutes in a game they had little chance in completing a comeback. LaVine had to sit out the game versus the Lakers with a "sore right knee." Please do not let Thibs break LaVine down before I can see him in a Lakers uniform (No I do not care about your opinion on the matter).
23New York Knicks3-60The Knicks have had a rough schedule to start, but shouldn't Phil Jackson's SUPERTEAM have a record that is better the Nets. Great job Phil! Keep up the good work IN New York.
24Phoenix Suns3-8+1Some expected Phoenix to be like the Timberwolves this season. A team full of young good players and some solid vets. Problem is, young teams do not in much. Especially if the coach is Earl Watson.
25Denver Nuggets3-7-7A coach ripping into a player by name is never a good thing. Well, Denver Nuggets head coach Mike Malone has done so multiple times with Emmanuel Mudiay this week.
26Miami Heat2-6-4They are on a 4 game losing skid, but to all very good teams. This would appear to be the beginning of a rebuilding year, so everyone keep their eyes open for a Pat Riley trade.
27Dallas Mavericks2-60When does Dirk get back?
28Washington Wizards2-70OH LOOK! They whooped the Celtics! Maybe they are turning a corner! oops... never mind. IS BEAL HURT ALREADY?! That sure was a nice contract.
29Philadelphia 76ers1-8+1They are not very good again, but holy crap Embiid is fun. Can he be this good already?
30New Orleans Pelicans1-9-1Last week the Pelicans were only ahead of the 76ers due to Anthony Davis. Well with the back injury suffered against the Lakers (which they stupidly continued to play him), who knows if it will turn into something more significant.