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Power Rankings Week 3 - Lakers Pulse

Power Rankings Week 3

Power Rankings Week 3

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1Cleveland Cavaliers6-00Obviously the Cavs are the only team that is still undefeated. Really they only have two questions have left until playoffs. 1. What are they going to do at the backup point guard? 2. How much will LeBron James and JR Smith screw with Dan Gilbert?
2Los Angeles Clippers6-1+2The Clippers are off to an unbelievable start fueled by the best defense in the NBA (Defensive Rating: 90.7). They beat the Spurs pretty handily, but after getting demolished by the Warriors in the preseason, are they up for the challenge?
3San Antonio Spurs5-2-1I still have big concerns about the Spurs frontcourt, but that is only compounded when Pop eventually starts resting guys. Regardless, right now they are cookin'.
5Charlotte Hornets5-1+6The Hornets barely got by the Nets. Then they blew out the already collapsing, but talented, Pacers... huh? Oh look, Clifford has their defense good as usual.
6Oklahoma City Thunder6-1+1The Oklahoma City Westbrooks are off to possibly the second best start in the NBA. Why so low? Three of those wins are against teams in the bottom six of these rankings. They beaten quality teams, but I still do not think they are that good.
7Toronto Raptors4-2+3Both their offense and defense are rated 7th in the NBA. DeMar DeRozan apparently heard me talking crap and decided to go Super Saiyan....
8Atlanta Hawks4-2-3Atlanta should probably be lower than this since they lost to Washington (insert crying laughing emoji), but I can't put others ahead of them just yet.
9Utah Jazz5-3+9Hey look! Utah made a big jump this week. George Hill looks great like he did two years ago!... oh crap he is already hurt again. Will they please teach Exum to do more on offense than just sending him to the corner?
10Portland Trailblazers4-3-1How long can I keep making jokes about Evan Turner? Boss? Fine, Dame is killing it and has a Net Rating of +0.1. Huh?
11Los Angeles Lakers4-3+9This is a Lakers site so here is a bit more than usual. The new NBA darlings were predicted to be in the bottom two to three this year, and currently they are in the 6th seed for the playoffs (NO I DO NOT CARE IF IT IS TOO EARLY FOR THAT). This week, they range from 11-18 in national rankings. Head coach Luke Walton has the Lakers at #1 in pace at 105.3, #11 in Offensive Rating at 104.8, and #17 in Defensive Rating of 103.0. That all adds up to a net rating of +1.7, good for 12th in the NBA. The kids are playing well, LA is exciting, and Luke is the best coach in history.
12Detroit Pistons4-30Detroit cannot win on the road (0-2). They play six of their next seven on the road. I think someone is about to tumble down the rankings.
13Houston Rockets4-3+1I have yet to figure out if the Rockets are good or bad. The offense is very good, while the defense is very bad. No surprise there I guess.
14Boston Celtics4-3-6The Celtics are like the Rockets, great offense but no defense. They need Jae Crodwer back, and soon.
15Chicago Bulls4-3-9Iguessthespacing.... is not that bad right now in Chicago, but they have only had one above average night from deep after starting as a fiery inferno. The defense is really bad... man, this good offense and bad defense seems to be a theme.
16Milwaukee Bucks4-3+6I was going to have Milwaukee higher, but then they lost to Dallas.
17Indiana Pacers3-40Indy Star writer Nate Taylor got Paul George saying "We're all out of whack. There's no trust, there's not chemistry, there's no belief. We're kind of lifeless right now ." Yeah.... Who had the Pacers as the first team to have a players only meeting? Because you know it is coming.
18Denver Nuggets3-3+1The Nuggets are rated by some as a better team than LA. Weird. Think they need to relook at schedules.
19Memphis Grizzlies3-4-6Is it alright if I give up guessing on this team? They need to get healthy (yes already), but they need help if they want to jump start this ship.
20Orlando Magic3-4+9The Magic have stormed back after starting 0-3 by beating up some bad teams. Got to start somewhere right?
21Sacramento Kings 3-50Boogie may kill someone this year, and it may be one of his own teammates.
22Miami Heat2-4-7Justise Winslow may one day be good on offense. That day does not appear to be coming any time soon, as he is shooting 34% from the field.
23New York Knicks2-4-7Weird, when forming a team of Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony and the declining Joakim Noah, you'd think the defense would be better (30th in the NBA). Oh you didn't? Oops. But do not forget that they are are in fact a SUPERTEAM!
24Brooklyn Nets2-4-1They drop a spot, but honestly they are doing awesome compared to where most would think. Kenny Atkinson is doing a great job in Brooklyn.
25Phoenix Suns 2-5+1Some writers had them as possible playoff contenders. It is still early, but that was funny then, and funnier now.
26Minnesota Timberwolves1-4-1Well this is interesting. The Timberpups were being talked up as possible 6-8 seeds this season. Again, it is still very early, but this is not the start they wanted.
27Dallas Mavericks1-5+1They won a game. I feel bad for Dirk and Carlisle.
28Washington Wizards1-5-4So when do we first hear about locker room scuffles between John Wall and Bradley Beal? Inside a week? Maybe two if they do not start winning.
29New Orleans Pelicans0-6+1They are only ahead of the 76ers because of Anthony Davis. It is a race to see who wins first between New Orleans and Philly.
30Philadelphia 76ers0-6-3Of Philly's six games this season, five have been at home. Man this is going to be a long season.