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Power Rankings #6 - Lakers Pulse

Power Rankings #6

Power Rankings #6

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After a sad, long break, the power rankings have returned! I previously had stated that the power rankings would eventually even out as teams settled into their seedings, but as of right now, that is not the case. Major movement can be seen in moving up and down. Overreaction time!

1Golden State Warriors24-4+2This really isn't a surprise, is it? Do I seriously need to explain this?
2San Antonio Spurs22-5+2The Spurs have a rough stretch this week, but with The Claw (Kawhi Leonard. I know. I didn't know he had a nickname either), is there really anything too tough for them this year?
3Houston Rockets21-7+5I was repeatedly told this team would not be good this year. Harden is arguably the MVP and the Rockets make the Warriors look like amateurs from deep.
4Cleveland Cavaliers19-6-2A rapper once said "Kick, push, kick push, coooast." Like Lupe and his song, the Cavs are just coasting until the playoffs.
5Los Angeles Clippers20-8-5This is definitely a team to keep an eye on for the next month or so. With Blake Griffin going down with his annual injury, we shall see if the Clippers can keep the yearly run of playing out of their mind while their stars are down.
6Toronto Raptors19-8+3They have a higher offensive efficiency than the Warriors. I don't get it. While DeRozan may get the early season recognition, Lowry is still their best player and playing great.
7Utah Jazz18-10+9Are they healthy for once? Utah is probably still worried about Derrick Favors, but Gobert is playing on JaVale McGee levels (someone please get this joke).
8Memphis Grizzlies18-11-1How... how is Mike Conley back from a broken back?
9Oklahoma City Thunder16-12+2Oh look, Russell Westbrook had another triple double that only minorly helped out the Thunder. [Editor’s note: Clayton is a noted Westbrook hater. I have nothing but love for Westbrook.]
10Boston Celtics15-12+2I know he is on the Celtics, and this is a Lakers site, but I still love Avery Bradley. He may be the leader for the Most Improved Player this year. [Editor’s note: Uncle P has something to say about that.]
11Charlotte Hornets15-13-1Will Charlotte make up their mind? I feel like I've said this before...
12Milwuakee Bucks13-12+6I know so many people think this team is super intriguing.... but all I care about is Giannis. What is that guy's ceiling?
13New York Knicks14-13+4THE SUPER TEAM IS ON THE RISE! EVERYONE LOOK OUT UNTIL D ROSE AND NOAH GET HURT! Actually, Noah getting fewer minutes would be good for the Knicks.
14Chicago Bulls14-13-8*copies the comments for the Hornets* Hmmm..... *clicks paste* [Editor’s note: Hmmm….]
15Indiana Pacers15-140I really like starting Glenn Robinson III while Monta Ellis is out. Maybe they should keep this up once he returns. Marc Stein says this is a possibility being discussed in the Pacers front office. Hopefully the Pacers can be that smart.
16Atlanta Hawks14-14-11After starting 9-4, they've gone 5-10. Whole lot of welp.
17Washington Wizards 12-15+10So now the Wizards decided to start playing like playoff contenders? They will need some bench help. I know the perfect guy in LA that can be the solution.
18Detroit Pistons14-16+3Did anyone see Stan Van Gundy's rant about the Pistons lose to the Bulls? Give me a minute to find the link.
19Portland Trailblazers13-16-6Well the good news is that Portland has plenty of cap space to use this off... season... oh wait... crap.
20Denver Nuggets12-16+1Maybe the Nuggets are on the way up? I think they are about to make a run as Malone seems to have finally made the proper adjustments.
21Sacramento Kings10-17+1Rudy Gay wants out. Boogie is having altercations with local reporters. Omri Casspi is on the trade block. BUT WAIT, THAT'S NOT ALL! Aaron Afflalo has been demoted and reportedly declined to enter a game. Good job Sacramento.
22Orlando Magic12-17-3To be honest, the only thing I care about Orlando is if Mario Hezonja is shipped to Los Angeles. I'm serious, this needs to happen. Make it happen Mitch.
23Los Angeles Lakers11-19-9This ranking is going to make some people upset, but after going 1-9 in their lost 10 the Lakers may actually need to be lower. That run is in fact the worst mark in the league. Is some of that due to injuries and a run against superior opponents? Sure, but until they play like earlier in the year, the will be looking up for a while.
24New Orleans Pelicans9-20+1New Orleans got back to 7-12 after Jrue Holiday returned, but now is in free fall again.
25Miami Heat9-19-1The Heat are bad. Pat Riley should probably just tank by trading away vets (mainly Goran Dragic) and seeing if they can get a potential star in this loaded draft to pair with Richardson, Winslow, Johnson and Whiteside.
26Minnesota Timberwolves8-19-3The Timberpups have clearly taken a step back this year while impatient Thibs is wanting veteran leadership. Let's pray to the basketball gods that Deng looks as good as he has the last 4-5 games for the next month so Thibs will take him off of our hands.
27Phoenix Suns8-20+2I swear to God that if Earl Watson and the Suns ruin Dragan Bender (only 11.4 minutes per game).... Someone needs to form a rescue mission.
28Dallas Mavericks7-21+2Dallas is finally out of the cellar. They are even 4-6 in their last 10. They should probably stop that and tank.
29Philadelphia 76ers7-19-1Nerlens Noel is unhappy and now out of the rotation. Can they just deal him already? I have been a supporter of the Sixers, but this is just stupid.
30Brooklyn Nets7-20-4I feel bad. They started so well. Regardless of their record, I still like their young guys and they have a very good coach and new front office. Keep it up Nets.