An open letter to fellow Lakers fans

An open letter to fellow Lakers fans

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Twitter can be the greatest thing or the worst thing. Even our President uses it! It’s a great way to get breaking news. There is so much disrespect shown to our Lakers, so much sarcasm. Lakers fans are spoiled and we have gotten everything we have wanted (Almost. See: Chris Paul) for who knows how long. I am an extreme Laker apologist and will be the first one to admit it. I can be critical, but in the end, as the saying goes, “it is what it is.” Let it go, people.


The last time the Lakers made the playoffs was 2011. Six years ago. SIX YEARS! The last six summers we have been begging for a high profile free agent and we have come up empty. Is Roy Hibbert a big name? Last year we were able to sign Mozgov and Deng. I mean, I guess you could call that an addition… I honestly thought they were good signings at the time. I was gravely mistaken. I don’t think Mozgov ever won a tip and Deng couldn’t hit a jump shot. We had Zubac and Ingram waiting for more time on the court, but these guys were taking it from them. I know everyone was questioning these signings, but this is what happens when you just sign someone for the sake of signing someone. It cost Mitch Kupchak his job. People thought he was terrible. I am fairly certain he is the one the put the 2009 and 2010 champions together for crying out loud, but that is a story for another time. We want Magic to bring someone in, but at what cost? We are waiting for 2018, my friends.

The trade of D’Angelo Russell really bothered me. I, like almost everyone else, thought he was going to be our savior and take us back to the “promised land.” I would almost turn the channel every time Byron (ick) or Luke took him out. He had “ice in his veins!” He wore cool glasses while he was snippy at John Ireland during a post game interview. Lets think about this, folks. As much as I hated to see Russell go, there is NO WAY he was going to be able to coexist with Lonzo Ball. Russell was touted as the new leader when he was drafted. Byron Scott busted his chops about stepping up to be that leader about 492 times, give or take.


Luke, from day one of camp in 2016 said D’Angelo was his guy, he had the keys to the team. I mean he broke the huddles and everything. He tried all year, and it worked occasionally. Fast forward to now. We have drafted Lonzo Ball, the “new face of the Lakers” according to Magic Johnson. He is going to be the leader now. He is Magic Johnson reincarnated. You can not have two leaders. See Westbrook/Durant. Superstars yes…well..sort of, but not two leaders. D’Angelo is gone, people. It was not going to work. We all remember Shaq and Kobe? This is what we would have, only on a smaller scale. Get over it! No more hating!

I guess what I am trying to say in a nutshell is let it go! Get over it! Shake it off! I can guarantee that Magic, Rob, and the Lakers organization want to win and put a winning team on the court. I’m pretty sure they want that more than any of us fans. Don’t be a fair weather fan. Love your Lakers no matter what. They really are trying, people. We don’t want a multi year player until next summer. We may have started clearing out cap space now, but it is all about 2018. Let’s quit being so spoiled. Summer League has started! Critique the real things, like Luke’s rotations!

May we all be as positive as Lavar Ball! Peace.