No Calderon or Williams against the Warriors

No Calderon or Williams against the Warriors

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When Luke Walton faces his former employer, Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors, he will be without Jose Calderon and Lou Williams.

Calderon will be out with a calf strain. This likely means Marcelo Huertas will get minutes as D’Angleo Russell’s primary backup. Calderon and Huertas have been battling for that very same spot on a permanent basis. Both have had there moments and it will be interesting to see who wins out in the end.

Williams, to the suprise (and frustration) of many, has started so far in the preseason. The results have been mixed at best. Jordan Clarkson, the guard who many assumed would start over Williams, has shown that he is great in a 6th man role, with Luke Walton stating he wants him to be like Lamar Odom on the Kobe-Pau Lakers. But Lou Williams has not been great as a starter. He has shot less than 40% and has been, umm, let’s just say not great on defense. He also disrupts ball movement and offensive flow. But he is still a spark plug player, who I feel can still be a good piece of the bench for the Lakers. But tomorrow he will not start or come off the bench, as he will be resting.

Both these players are solid veterans and will be useful throughout the season. But Saturday, the game does not count and  it will be good to give those minutes to other players.