Nick Young undecided on opting out

Nick Young undecided on opting out

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Nick Young shocked Lakers’ Twitter by making the team. Then he shocked it again by doing well. He averaged 13.2 PPG on 40.4% from and he has been mature about not playing lately, which is why it is interesting to see what he will do this summer.

Young knows that if he opts out, he will have options, saying in his usual charismatic self “I’m a wanted man now”. While not likely to get a huge deal, an erratic player like Young may want long term security, something a contender with a stable locker room that can control him may be willing to give. After all you can never have too many shooters. The Rockets would be a perfect fit, and would give D’Antoni and Young a reunion. James Harden wouldn’t mind another player who can help get those assist. Maybe Young shocks the world, and decides to take a pay cut and chase a ring with Golden State. They too, would be perfect fit….Yeah I doubt this will happen too.

Young also expressed interest in staying put. He is from LA after all and was Laker fan growing up. While he had his 2 worst seasons here, he had his 2 best seasons here also. He has been here for 4 years now, and frankly its his home now. It’s not hard to see him opting in.

Ultimately Young has been loyal above all else, and while he deserves a lot of blame, he may be Byron Scott’s biggest victim. He had 2 career years in LA and had a lot of fun moments. But it is probably best for both parties to go their separate ways. Young is over 30 and will want to cash in, while also playing for a contender. The Lakers will let him go in a season anyways, as preparation for the looming Paul George chase. Young will also take playing time from whoever the Lakers use their top 3 pick on (if kept). It was fun but its time for to let the swag go.