NEWS: Julius Randle is getting married

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Julius Randle has been a busy man this summer. He’s already gone to China on behalf of the NBA, been selected to the Team USA select team, and now he’s getting married!

It seems like Julius Randle is taking the next step in life and getting married to his college girlfriend, Kendra Shaw. The only announcement or anything we have is from Kendra Shaw’s twitter, but its clear that’s what this is.

We’re extremely happy for both Shaw and Randle, and we wish them nothing but the best!

Before the inevitable crowd of “he should be in the gym working” makes an appearance, Randle is one of the hardest working players on the Lakers. NBA players are people too and can’t be in the gym from sun up to sun down. Randle is one of the most likable players on the Lakers and we can’t wait to see how he’s progressed this season.