News: Byron Scott has been fired

News: Byron Scott has been fired

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About fucking time. Woj himself has just confirmed and Byron Scott will be relieved of his duties. The nightmare for Lakers fans is over and now the only thing left is to find a valid replacement (which is anyone really):

Yup it is freaking official. Now it did take longer than expected but FINALLY he is gone. Lakers Twitter is losing its mind right now and for the right reasons. It was not like we didn’t expect this but just to see word come out is probably already making this summer a much better one for Lakers fans. In case that tweet wasn’t enough for you:

Now as for who the replacement is, that is still to be determined. Thibs and Brooks are both gone now but there is still a more than capable pool of coaches left.

No one is more happier right now than Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell. Both have been sent out to die as a byproduct of Byron’s utter incompetence and were benched for no reason except for his old school mentality of having them learn “the hard way”.  The team can now move on in a positive trend by hiring a much more modern coach fit to develop this young core that has been held back all season. The Lakers were 21-61 last season and 17-65 this year which is just terrible. Now he did not have much talent his first year but this year, with a much better all around team, he managed to somehow win 4 less games. That in itself is enough to get fired. That combined with his terrible rotations is just the cherry on top for reasons he should have gotten the boot.

All we can do now is chant: “LUKE LUKE LUKE LUKE LUKE LUKE LUKE LUKE LUKE”