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New Year, new Power Rankings (#7) - Lakers Pulse

New Year, new Power Rankings (#7)

New Year, new Power Rankings (#7)

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New Year, new power rankings. Forget any more nonsense, let’s go!

1Golden State Warriors29-5-It's funny, the Warriors are second in the NBA in both Offense Rating (113.1) and defensive Rating (101). That turns into a Net Rating of 12.1. Historical numbers... we should still worry about this super team right?
2San Antonio Spurs27-7-I said early on in the year that there may be a drop off for the Spurs. Never mind that.
3Cleveland Cavaliers25-7+1The Cavaliers are a force on offense (111.3), but surprisingly the defense is insanely mediocre. Then again, Kyrie is up and down and Kevin Love aren't defensive studs. Then again, LeBron.
4Houston Rockets26-9-1HOLY CRAP HAVE YOU SEEN HOW MANY 3'S THEY'VE MADE THIS YEAR? 528! 103 more than the net best team. LONG LIVE MIKE D'ANTONI!
5Toronto Raptors
-The Warriors have a historic offense, yet they are only number two in the league. Who are they behind? Toronto... sure they can be looked at as the anti-analytic mid range champs, but they are also shooting 39.3 from deep (3rd in the NBA).
6Utah Jazz21-13+1The Jazz are kind of a disappointment, but they are still playing well despite their typical barrage of injuries.
7Oklahoma City Thunder21-13+2Westbrook continues to put up insane numbers, and the Oklahoma City Westbrooks continue to thrive. I guess I can only mock and hate for so long.... lol yeah right, hold my beer.
8Boston Celtics20-14+2The Celtics are contending while having young assets, but for some reason I think they need to get another star. Who that is up in the air, but if they want to be real title contenders they need that star. BTW, go mighty mouse.
9Memphis Grizzlies22-14-1I still have no idea how Mike Conley is playing professional sports right now. I am going to be so curious how dangerous the Grizzlies will be when Chandler Parsons is fully healthy.
10Los Angeles Clippers22-14-5The Clippers started 19-7 but have gone 3-7 in their last 10. When will the slide end?
11Charlotte Hornets19-15-Maybe I have been too low on Kemba this year. I still am probably lower than most on him, but he has been great this year. Some consistency from Charlotte would be nice.
12Washington Wizards16-16+5Holy crap Washington is on a roll. Wall and Beal would look really good with a bench scorer to help while they are off the floor. Maybe a guy in LA that has been like Cinder (someone please get that video game reference).
13Atlanta Hawks18-16+3Seriously, in their last 10 games they have lost to the Wolves twice and the Magic. Then they go and beat the Spurs, Thunder and Raptors... *shrug*
14Milwaukee Bucks16-16-2Refer back to power rankings #6 for comments on Milwaukee. Maybe add some excitement about Jabari? Nah still not that excited.
15Indiana Pacers17-18-Indiana.... remember those high expectations? "LOOK AT THEIR ADDITIONS!" With the season almost to the midway point, and Paul George starting to not enjoy Indiana... Is Bird ever going to blow it up or will they hold on even if it doesn't look good?
16New York Knicks16-17-3I have so many conflicting opinions on the super team. Porzinigis could be an All-Star this year... so there's that. Oh and Phil Jackson is likely to stay in New York (THANK GOD).
17Chicago Bulls16-18-3Remember before the season all the questions about spacing? Chicago has the lowest three point shooting in the NBA by a significant margin (everyone told them but they didn't want to listen). Add the Rondo issues (raise your hand if you aren't surprised that didn't work out), and the Bulls are falling to earth like the Chicxulub asteroid (anyone?).
18Sacramento Kings14-19+3Their season has already been so weird and bad.... yet they are the eight seed in the West.... huh?
19Denver Nuggets14-19+1Malone seems to have the young Nuggets even though they may be disappointing. With how the bottom of the west is so bad, who knows what happens.
20Detroit Pistons16-20-2I think Stan Van Gundy is going to have a heart attack on the sidelines. He is the best part of the show for Detroit right now if we are being honest.
21Orlando Magic15-20+1I swear, just give Hezonja consistent minutes... or don't and trade him to LA already. Sheesh Orlando. To be serious, holy crap they need a shake up. Probably need to.... rebuild with guys like Hezo- no no no he is coming to LA.
22Portland Trailblazers15-21-3Do you remember when the aliens positioned their ship over the White House in Independence Day? That's Portland.
23New Orleans Pelicans14-21+1The Pelicans are a game back of the eight seed. I just.... I give up.
24Minnesota Timberwolves11-23+2Bringing in Thibs raised a lot of expectations, including my own, but this is really bad. By the way, the Wolves are attempting to get Pekovic to medically retire, so maybe he gets that vet Thibs has been craving (Deng anyone?).
25Los Angeles Lakers12-25-2Yes they keep dropping, but there are signs of improvement.... mixed in with the disasters. The thing Lakers fans need to focus on is improvements. Stop rushing to judgement, get some patience, and enjoy the signs of improvement. Let's just hope that the signs of improvement like those versus the Jazz and Raptors are what is coming, instead of the stinkers like Dallas. Their pace is still sixth best in the NBA, but the offense has slide to 19th, and the defense has cratered (back to the worst in the NBA). *sigh*
26Dallas Mavericks10-24+2They've dug themselves out of their hole, but only enough to miss out on Markelle Fultz. Bold strategy.
27Miami Heat10-25-2Pat Riley may or may not be setting up to tank. Goran Dragic may or may not be on the block. Whiteside looks like he is not be far behind. That clears the way for cap space and a high pick. Just what Riley craves.
28Phoenix Suns10-24-1Devin Booker has been a massive disappointment, and the Suns may be an even bigger disaster. Their vets have underachieved, yet head coach Earl Watson still will not play Chriss or Bender more minutes. Great hire Phoenix!
29Philadelphia 76ers8-24-Really the most fun in Philly is when you look at Embiid's numbers as PER 36 or per 100 possessions... Holy crap he's going to be a monster........................
30Brooklyn Nets8-24-Wow, the Nets are 7-8 at home and 1-16 on the road. That's astounding. Some of the wins at home are even against playoff teams. That's unexpected.