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NBA power rankings week two - Lakers Pulse

NBA power rankings week two

NBA power rankings week two

Magic Johnson’s incredible cover-up act
Big Baller Land Podcast E1S6
Big Baller Land Episode 14

We’re about a week into the 2016-2017 NBA season and thank you basketball gods. To start out, this will be a bit reactionary to these early wins and losses. This will change as the season goes on, and true rankings will even themselves out.

1Cleveland Cavaliers3-0+1The Cavaliers opened up a can on the Knicks. Honestly though, I'm still wondering how they let the Magic come within 20.
2San Antonio Spurs4-0+1Forget about asking if Kawhi is a top 5 player. What we should be asking is if he is the best to ever play? Oh... And ignore that stuff about Aldridge for now.
3Golden State Warriors2-1-2The Warriors look like they are suffering from the same issues as the Heatles did. The real question here though is if they should trade Durant cause he clearly isn't fitting in.
4Los Angeles Clippers2-00Chuck the Condor should probably start at small forward, but other than that, the Clippers have started out well in defeating the Trailblazers and Jazz. Just a reminder for all y'all that may have forgotten, Blake Griffin is pretty good.
5Atlanta Hawks2-0+4Atlanta beat the Wizards and the 76ers. Is there another way to say meh after paying Dennis Schroder such a fat contract?
6Chicago Bulls2-0+12HowlongcanIkeepthisupbeforesomeonegetsmad? After months of saying the Bulls would have zero spacing, it would appear that Chicago stole the shooting from Golden State like the Monstars or something.
7Oklahoma City Thunder3-0+6I kind of want to leave them in the teens, but I guess a win is a win. Their three wins have been bad to teams considered in the bottom five of the league. And no, Westbrook's 51 point game was not impressive.

8Boston Celtics2-1-1Remember when Avery Bradley tried to inject himself into the defensive player of the year discussion? That may be something to consider, but now he's become an offensive beast.
9Portland Trailblazers2-1+1Dame is Dame. Evan Turner... Oh nevermind. *someone help, the editor is giving me the death stare again*
10Toronto Raptors1-1-5So I'm the resident DeRozan hater, but I have to admit he's played great so far. Still can barely shoot outside of 15 feet, but yeah he's been great otherwise.
11Charlotte Hornets2-10Do I really have to say anything about Charlotte other than their defense is good? Ok on a side note, I really like their owner's shoes. Ok, I hit my word limit on them.
12Detroit Pistons2-1+2Detroit has handily beaten 2 bad teams (Bucks and Magic) and lost to the one good team (Raptors) that they've played. So.... Congratulations?
13Memphis Grizzlies2-1+14Marc Gasol is now hitting 3s. That's new. Not new? They already have a ton of players on their injury report. I want them to be good, but they really need a new training staff or something.
14Houston Rockets2-1-6n the first run at this, I had the Rockets much higher, but their two wins are against the Mavericks.... *click and drag down the screen*
15Sacramento Kings2-1-11Let's start taking bets already about when Boogie demands a trade. That may be the most interesting thing about the Kings until Cousins blows up and strangles Vivek like Latrell Sprewell to P.J. Carlesimo. To be fair, that was a nice comeback against the young pups (Wolves).
16New York Knicks1-1+7The Knicks got curb stomped on opening night by the Cavs, but then beat Memphis. Will those big names pull through, or will I get to continue in mocking Phil Jackson?
17Indiana Pacers1-2-5They lost to the Nets... Does anything else matter? Things obviously will get better, but sheesh.
18Utah Jazz1-2-12I still really like Utah. Let's just say they're off to a rough start after suffering injuries before the year.
19Denver Nuggets1-1-3Who else is on the fence with Denver? I like a lot about their team, but think their backcourt could hold them back a lot. Mudiay's development is going to be key for them.
20Los Angeles Lakers1-2+8Can I say they should be 2-1 on here? Oh yes I can cause these are my rankings. There have been some growing pains already, but anyone that is down on the youth already should be ignored. Maybe even mocked. Oh and Julius has looked very good hasn't he?
21Miami Heat1-2-2Hassan Whiteside is putting up video game numbers. Man would he have looked good elsewhere... Maybe on a different coast. A former Pat Riley team.
22Milwaukee Bucks1-2+2Can anyone figure this team out? Are they good? They have really talented players... But sheesh they suck.
23Brooklyn Nets1-2+6They won... Before the Timberpups? Brooklyn is going to be very bad, but Atkinson has the Nets playing entertaining basketball at the very least. *copy, paste, and repeat*
24Washington Wizards0-2-9It's early and you can't draw too much fro.... OH MY GOSH ARE JOHN WALL AND BRADLEY BEAL GOING TO FIGHT TO THE DEATH?
25Minnesota Timberwolves0-2-9This is kind of funny. Minnesota will be much improved this year, but I was told they could win nearly 50 games
26Phoenix Suns0-3+1Devin Booker has a silky smooth shooting stroke. It's really pretty to look at. He's 3-15 from deep. By the way, Earl Watson and his Twitter issues sounds truly awful. Great job guys from the front office in listening to the players!
27Philadelphia 76ers0-3+3EEEMMMBBBIIIIIIDDD!!!!!!
28Dallas Mavericks0-3-7They've lost to solid teams so maybe the record isn't that bad. Maybe they will be actually good once all their players hit at the same time.
29Orlando Magic0-3-9They are so bad. That roster construction is just a mess. I just hope they don't ruin Super Mario and Aaron Gordon. I still have faith in Frank Vogel.
30New Orleans Pelicans0-3-5Someone set up a Go Fund Me for Anthony Davis, he needs some real help.