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NBA Power Rankings Week 1 - Lakers Pulse

NBA Power Rankings Week 1

NBA Power Rankings Week 1

Big Baller Land Episode 15
David Nwaba’s team option is picked up
Mailbag #1: Tough start to the season.
1Warriors73-9Typically, I’d reserve this spot for the team that won the Larry O’Brien, but most runner-ups don’t add a top three player to their roster. With Kevin Durant joining former Lakers fans in Oakland….. I mean…. Oops.
2Cavaliers57-25LeBron brought a title to the Land without losing any crucial pieces. Need I say more?
3Spurs67-15The Spurs are in a weird spot for me. Still very good, but older than you would like. Timmy finally retired, there are questions about LaMarcus Aldridge, and Danny Green is injured after a rough 2015-2016 season. Do GM R.C. Buford and Pop hit reset and makes some major changes or continue on in their two decades of dominance?
4Clippers53-29This may be the last hoorah for the Clippers as they have several key players that will be free agents next offseason. In the mean time, will they be able to finally fix the hole at the small forward spot?
5Raptors56-26 The North made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, but are they real contenders? To truly compete with Cleveland, they may need to use their young assets to make an upgrade.
6Jazz40-42 This may admittedly be a stretch, especially with Gordon Hayward out for several weeks, but this is the point in the rankings were things start to get more questionable. Utah is young and deep, but can they stay healthy and make that push to get over the top?
7Celtics48-34They added Al Horford, but they need to use that stockpile of assets to get a superstar. If Danny Ainge can’t put something together, then they’re stuck in between good and great.
8Rockets41-41 Call me foolish, but I’m apparently the high man on the Rockets. I think they find that happy medium between 2014-2015 and 2015-2016.
9Hawks48-34They made some major changes in Atlanta, but I don’t think those moves improve them as much as some do.
10Trail Blazers44-38*Must not make fun of the Evan Turner contract* Fine, will they be the Blazers of January and February (17-7) or the rest of the season (27-31)?
11Hornets48-34Coach Steve Clifford will make sure they play well on defense, but will they be able to keep up on the other end?
12Pacers45-37The pundits say Indiana massively improved. That’s debatable.
13Thunder55-27Nearly everyone loves Russell Westbrook, but they suffered a massive loss. Will OKC be able to prove doubters wrong?
14Pistons44-38Detroit Basketball will sorely miss Reggie Jackson due to his knee issue. Will the rest of their talented young core develop enough to shoulder the load while he is gone?
15Wizards41-41The Wizards made changes, but their biggest question every year is health. Beal is a constant concern and their new $64 million man Ian Mahinmi is out with a torn meniscus. Not off to a good start.
16Timberwolves29-43Depending on who you talk to, this is either a leap of faith or expected. To be a playoff team, they need to take another massive jump. It may not be as easy as some would think.
17Grizzlies42-40Grit and Grind kept their core and added Chandler Parsons! …Who isn’t healthy yet… Well, that’s not good for a team that had to suit up the most players in history last year.
19Heat48-34The Heat suffered big losses in the offseason. Will Pat Riley hit the reset button? That may be the best path.
20Magic35-47Orlando made a splash in acquiring Serge Ibaka, Bismack Biyombo, and Frank Vogel. Problem is, the roster is so weird. Can Vogel put it all together?
21Mavericks42-40This feels like the year that Dirk, Carlisle, and Co. finally come crashing down to earth
22Nuggets33-49Denver’s season will largely depend on whether or not Emmanuel Mudiay can be better this year. If not? Possible stagnation or regression.
23Knicks32-50THEY’RE A SUPER TEAM GUYS! YAY! …Until you realize that it’s actually 2016-2017 and not 2010-2011.
24Bucks33-49Khris Middleton being out for a large part of the season is a huge hole in their lineup. I love the Greek Freak, but expect more troubles this year.
25Pelicans30-52Has anyone wrapped Anthony Davis in bubble wrap yet? Without him, this team features a lot of mediocrity.
26Kings33-49Can someone save Boogie from this insane situation? That’s unlikely this year because of their new cupholder-less stadium.
27Suns22-59The Suns have a very loose hold on this spot. This team has been hyped by some as a playoff team, but they may be the worst in the West.
28Lakers17-65They got a lot of crap this offseason. Some deserved, and some not so much. Regardless of all of that, they made some very positive moves. As a fan I want to have them higher, but until they show progress in the regular season, this is their initial ranking. I can see them being much higher by the end of the year.
29Nets21-61They’re going to be bad and likely should trade Brook Lopez to further the rebuild. Even though they may be the worst team in the league, I do like some of their moves and picks.
30Sixers10-72They may or may not have just had another player get injured. Unless their guys heal quickly, primarily Ben Simmons, this season may be even longer than last year.