Mitch Kupchak hearing strange sounds at practice

Mitch Kupchak hearing strange sounds at practice

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After a Kobe-less media day on Monday, Tuesday began the start of training camp. Mitch Kupchak spoke with the press from inside a classroom at the University of California Santa Barbara. Currently, the Lakers training camp is being held there. Mitch discussed the changes that have already been made by new head coach Luke Walton, including some that exposed Mitch for being a little old school.

What is this thing I hear?

It seems one of the new things Luke has brought with him is the directive to play music very loudly while practicing.

It seems Mitch isn’t a huge fan, but since the players enjoy it, he will put up with it in his own way.

Of course, with some of the music featured on the young core’s Snapchat and Instagram stories, a certain level of professionalism must be shown:

The number 2’s

Mitch Kupchak also discussed his two recent number two draft picks and what he expects to see from them. In regards to his rookie forward:

It seems that strength and conditioning will be the main focus this season for the 18-year-old. He may not start but looks to play a lot of minutes.

Mitch Kupchak also spoke about last year’s number two pick D’Angelo Russell, and what he expects from him.

Mitch seems to have faith in him, but he knows that Russell has to continue to be committed.


Mitch echoed the same expectations that Luke Walton has talked about throughout the offseason. It’s not about wins and losses as much as it’s about the development of the players. He did, however, state that they have to improve upon last season’s win total:

Mitch also stressed that he wanted the team to be fun to watch. Last year wasn’t just frustrating because they weren’t winning games. It was frustrating because the team was losing in games that were very hard to watch.

Kupchak went on to discuss Yi Jianlian. The Lakers have been monitoring him and bringing him in for workouts over the years. He also mentioned that they kept a spot open for Metta World Peace because Metta was excited to rejoin the new Lakers. Of course, Metta understands that it will be a lot harder for him to make a final roster spot this year than it was last season. Overall, it sounds like the culture around the team continues to be the polar opposite of last year. How this translates to wins and the development of the team is entirely up to the players. Either way, it looks like this team is already having fun, and hopefully that will translate to fun for all of us.

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