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Mailbag #1: Tough start to the season. - Lakers Pulse

Mailbag #1: Tough start to the season.ESPN

Mailbag #1: Tough start to the season.

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Throughout this season, we’ll be doing mailbag articles, answering your questions from Twitter. Last night was long awaited, but it unfortunately left all Lakers fans thinking about the future. Here are some of your best questions from after the Lakers first loss of the year.

I think the big problem with this question is, the Lakers were without Kentavious Caldwell-Pope last night, and will be without him tonight as well, due to suspension. In regards to the PF position, I could definitely see Randle earning that back at some point in the near future, but I think the big issue last night was not having KCP. If Ingram continues to struggle, who knows, he could hit the bench. Luke Walton has been open about changing the starting lineup, and using different lineups during the game, so yeah, anything is possible.

I’ve seen a bunch of questions asking this, but I don’t think so. The team is still young, and although we say this every year, they haven’t had the time to play together yet. Although the Lakers played well in Summer League and showed signs of solid play in Preseason, their offensive sets have been atrocious the whole time. Absolutely no real plays being run, which stalls the offense and leads to bad shots late in the shot clock. I don’t think he’s in the hot seat, but I do think he needs to figure something out fast, regarding play calling and lineups.

I’ll always be a D’Lo guy.

I’d love to say Brandon Ingram should be that guy, but it’s clear that he isn’t. At this point, the #1 scoring option should be Brook Lopez, which is terrible because we saw him roll off a screen at the 3-point line about a dozen times last night. I think KCP will fit nice with Lonzo, but I don’t think this team is going to have a firm #1 option – some nights JC, some nights Ingram, some nights Randle – it’s really up in the air at the moment.

Hey, I’m honestly wondering the same thing. Luke decided to start Brandon Ingram at the 2 (he’s not a 2), and Luol Deng at the 3 (he’s not a 3, but why is he starting anyways?), alongside Nance? One thing I was looking forward to this year was spacing, and an easy, smooth offense. None of those three guys can spread the floor. I’d rather start Kuzma over Nance and Deng, but I’m not coaching.

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