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Magic Man to work with the Young Man - Lakers Pulse

Magic Man to work with the Young Man

Magic Man to work with the Young Man

"This is my part, nobody else tweet"

Magic Johnson’s incredible cover-up act
Dear Lakers: Dear Swaggy P

Magic Johnson says that he plans to work with D’Angelo this off season. Despite his horrid opinions in recent years this is really good news……    

In recent years the Idea of Magic Johnson saying or doing anything with the Lakers has been a total negative connotation.  After constant tweets criticizing his former team’s President of basketball Operations:

And other verbal bashings in other avenues  like the LA times

“I’m going to say it again: I love Jim Buss. He should just be the owner, like his dad was just the owner,” Johnson said. “Let’s go back with facts, so I can back this up with facts: 27 wins a couple years ago, 21 wins last year. Three summers now, we haven’t signed anybody. I am backing this up with facts. We haven’t signed any superstar. We’ve had cap space. We had cap space last summer. We’re going to have more this summer.”

It seems that Magic is starting to turn things around with his opinions of how the team is being ran:

Most importantly was his more recent tweets today involving a certain young player that looks to become the next great Laker Point Guard himself:

For most Laker fans Johnson and his recent twitter antics have not only become extremely frustrating, but they have also grown very comical. Even spawning a parody account @MagicsTweets that has confused many as magic himself:

Real Account

Parody Account:

Though he has been a figure of disdain for the Laker’s Front Office and their fans it is very encouraging that D’Angelo Russel is reaching out to him for help and to pick Magic’s Brain.  Though Magic today has been uneducated in his comments he is still one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Russel was drafted by the Lakers because of his incredible passing and court vision.  Who better to mentor him on passing than the greatest passer of all time. regardless of how Laker fans feel about the former PG, the future star PG of this team learning from him is an excellent sign.  More and more good news for a franchise that seemed to be going now where just over 2 weeks ago.

All this said Magic continues to amaze the masses with his terrible tweets: