Magic Johnson speaks out after Exit Interviews absence

Magic Johnson speaks out after Exit Interviews absence

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After Los Angeles Lakers President of Basketball Operations, Magic Johnson was absent during his teams exit interviews last week, Spectrum Sportsnet reached out to him during a Dodgers game this week.

He stated that any Lakers player, starting 5 or not, who doesn’t come to the training camp in ‘good’ shape will not see the court this season. He set the very strict limit of under 10 percent body fat and anyone recorded over that will not be played this coming season.

They want to get better, all the young guys do. So we set them 3-5 things to work on during the break between seasons and they took it all on.

I’ve had meetings and everyone is on the same page, Luke, Rob and I. Jeanie wants to win and now. Which we have the capability to do and will do this season.

In other news, Johnson has also stated that he is very happy in the direction that the team are going in and really feels like he can win despite remaining in possession of the top three pick (protected) or not. The Lakers still have a 46.9% of staying in possession. Even if they lose the pick they still are left with the first round pick given to us alongside Corey Brewer from the Houston Rockets for Lou Williams earlier this year.