Magic Johnson all but says he wants Paul George

Magic Johnson all but says he wants Paul George

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Mitch Kupchak developed a reputation as someone that did not tamper or talk to players before they were allowed to. This type of deal making led to the Lakers ending up with mediocre/not good talent on bad contracts. Deng and Mozgov certainly come to mind. With the new management that has come in, the Lakers now will surely have more under the table conversations. This can lead to better free agency planning and better talent around the team.

Magic Johnson appeared on the late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live and he talked about what would happen if he saw Paul George walking around. His answer is likely going to lead to a fine, but it appears as Magic could not care less:

Magic and the Lakers are clearly interested in Paul George and it is no surprise why. Paul George was an All-Star this year and he gave Cleveland a run for their money without much help. The Lakers have the assets and the cap space to either trade for him or sign him, all they need is a commitment from Paul George.

With Kobe gone and LA in need of a star, it appears as if the Lakers will have a good chance. There have been rumors of Paul George being interested so this may be a match made in heaven. Time will tell if the chips fall that way.

One thing is of sure though: The Lakers will tamper with your star. They’ll even hint at it in person.