Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka will go to the Lottery

Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka will go to the Lottery

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After 2 straight years of being represented by Mitch Kupchak and John Black at the NBA draft Lottery, Magic Johnson will take over as the face of the Lakers on lottery night and Rob Pelinka will be in the back room for the actual ball dropping.

Two straight years of good fortune and generally good tanking have certainly favored the Lakers in getting 2 straight number 2 picks. A lot changed this year however and we can only hope that the basketball gods favor the Lakers once again. The Lakers didn’t really help their tanking cause as they finished the season finishing 5 out of 6 however hopefully the effort in the end provides well needed karma (if you believe in that sort of thing).

Reminder the Lakers must stay in the top 3 in order to keep their pick this season as well as the 2019 1st round pick which will go to Orlando if the balls drop against the Lakers. Hopefully with a little Magic and some luck from Rob Lo…Pelinka the Lakers will keep their pick. Remember Lakers fans whatever you were wearing for last year’s lottery you need to dig through your clothes and wear the same thing again.