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Luol Deng speaks out against Trump's immigration ban - Lakers Pulse

Luol Deng speaks out against Trump’s immigration ban

Luol Deng speaks out against Trump’s immigration ban

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The past few days, the news has been dominated by Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants from certain countries. Lakers forward Luol Deng, who hails from South Sudan, spoke out against the ban.

While Deng should not be affected, as South Sudan is not on the list of banned countries, the fact it is even a question is disgusting. The fact that students studying abroad or visiting family were advised to return early is horrible. America has been built on refugees and immigrants, and it is a sad time that the leader of the free world is turning his back on people in need, and waging a war on entire religion. And if you don’t think it’s a religion ban, Trump said himself that Christian refugees will have priority. Oh, and he said he would have a Muslim ban before he became president. That, along with all the countries on the list being predominantly Islamic, makes it as close to a Muslim ban without the name. Secondly, this will most likely just increase the number of attacks, as more people would be radicalized.

I am sure this will get a few “stick to sports” replies. But this is an unpaid service, so it really isn’t up to you on what goes up on this site. Also this is about a basketball (a sport) player speaking out. This is sticking to sports.

Anyways, mini-rant over. Deng, someone who has always helped out his homeland, spoke out for refugees. That shouldn’t be a surprise. Considering any halfway decent human would disagree with the ban, someone who has constantly given back and is in a position to influence people would surely do so. Deng is both of those things.