Jeanie Buss wants Luke Walton as coach for 10-15 years

Jeanie Buss wants Luke Walton as coach for 10-15 years

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Magic Johnson, who has been set to become president since a pre-game dinner with Jeanie Buss, was recently appointed the job as President of Basketball Operations. Although, what some people don’t know is that he had to have a mutual understanding with Jeanie Buss on Luke Walton, Lakers Head Coach.

Originally appointed as a Lakers adviser, Johnson wanted to abolish the Lakers recent woes, Buss was disappointed when all but the basketball department of the Lakers asked him for help. Later, on the 21 of Feb, he was offered and accepted the job as Lakers President.

“It was important to me where he stood on Luke Walton as he is someone who could be here for another 10-15 years, provided we don’t kill him of course.” exclaimed Buss during an online podcast and interview with Forbes Sports recently.

One of Buss’ first questions to Johnson was about Walton and his response? “I would like to build a team around Walton to bring out the best in him and his surrounding players.”

Well, 2017 marks the end of Walton’s first year coaching the Los Angeles Lakers and it’s great to see that:

-He will be here for a long time to come

-And just what, in a relatively small time scale, he has accomplished for the team.

Buss, during the podcast interview with Forbes added. “I learned from Phil Jackson (Buss’ ex-fiancĂ© and New York Knicks President). If you bring in players that you know will understand both the system and the style of which you want them to play. Plus have a great coach you will really have something special.”