Larry Nance Jr suffers probable hand fracture

Larry Nance Jr suffers probable hand fracture

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Larry Nance Jr had a nasty fall late in the fourth quarter against the Cleveland Cavaliers Summer League squad. The defender tried to draw the charge and fouled the big man on the drive, resulted in the injury. Initial reports are that the x-rays revealed a probable fracture at the base of his third metacarpal.


If this injury sounds familiar, it is the same one that point guard Chris Paul suffered in the postseason against the Portland Trailblazers.

(I’m not a fan of Robert Klapper but he has a good point here)

This sort of injury generally takes 6 weeks to heal, sometimes up to 8 weeks. ¬†With the preseason coming up in two and a half months, we are wishing Larry a quick and successful recovery from this. Larry’s play has been inspiring to say the least over the course of Summer League and hopefully he will be back to dunking on people in due time.

Larry is set to see a hand specialist in Los Angeles tomorrow and more details regarding his recovery time and injury will be revealed then.


UPDATE: There is no structural damage or ligament damage for Larry Nance Jr. He if officially diagnosed with a sprained wrist and is day to day. PRAISE BE

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