Larry Nance Jr. Named Honorary Croatian

Larry Nance Jr. Named Honorary Croatian

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After the Lakers win over the Timberwolves, something extraordinary happened. Los Angeles Lakers power forward Larry Nance Jr was named a honorary Croatian by Ante Kvartuč over at

This come after he acted like a ‘big brother’ to the Lakers croatian center Ivica Zubac. In many ways Nance Jr helped Zubac to understand the west culture like introducing him to rap music and nicknaming him Zupac. But it wasn’t a one way friendship Zubac helped Nance Jr with his croatian by helping him become more fluent in the language.

Because of all this, because he knows the culture and helped Zubac, adopted Nance as a honorary croatian by giving him something all Croatians have, a checkers jersey with his name and number (7) on it.

Nance then claimed his favourite moment with Zubac this season was going to different restaurants with him. He then added that given the fact Zubac is only 19 he is a lot more mature than that. He said, ” It’s not often you can see two guys pretty far in age, be as good a friend’s as we are. Its, even though he’s young he’s mature and I appreciate that about him.”