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Lamar Odom to join Luke Walton's staff? - Lakers Pulse

Lamar Odom to join Luke Walton’s staff?

Lamar Odom to join Luke Walton’s staff?

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The last team to win a title for the Lakers was in the Kobe-Pau era. And while those 2 were definitely the best players on the team that went to 3 straight finals, the third player is often forgotten. Of course I am talking about DJ Mbenga (editors note: CONGO CASH). Just kidding, I am talking about Lamar Odom.

Odom was ahead of his time, he was one of the earlier stretch 4s and point forwards. He was key for those Laker title teams, either as 6th man or starting for an injured Andrew Bynum. But his life went down hill fast. He married a Kardashian, got traded to Dallas, and was found overdosed in a brothel. But he had recently completed a rehab stint, and appears to be ok. In fact when asked by TMZ, he said he would love to join Luke Walton’s staff in LA.

While Odom may want to join the Lakers staff, the feeling is likely not mutual. Odom was a smart and unselfish player who would be able to help Julius Randle on an individual level, but he also had problems with his work ethic while playing, has no previous coaching experience, and has a lot of off-court baggage. I love Lamar and hope he does well now that his rehab is over, but I would not trust him in an organization with young players, and a young head coach, especially as you rebuild a culture.