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LAKERS-WIZARDS Post Game Review - Lakers Pulse



Big Baller Land Episode 14
Lakers stand tall, beat Wizards in OT.
Big Baller Land Episode 10
1 2 3 4 Total
LAL 27 31 37 13 108
WSH 27 28 27 37 119

Last Night, the Washington Wizards visited the Staples Center with one goal. To clinch the division for the first time since 1978/79.

The Lakers started with;

J Randle (PF)

C Brewer (SF)

I Zubac (C)

J Clarkson (PG)

And D Russel (PG)

The first quarter really started the game off on a high with the Lakers and the Wizards both scoring an equal amount of points as the Lakers offense went straight in scoring point after point and the Wizards the same. In the second quarter the Wizards kept trying to overcome Los Angeles but the quarter finished with the Lakers winning by 3 points. Somewhere during and between the third and fourth quarter though was when the Lakers seemed to lose their magic touch they had on the ball for the duration of the game. After winning the third quarter by 3 points, it seemed that, during the final quarter,  Washington were slipping through LA’s defense way too easily and that ultimately landed the Wizards in a 108(LAL)-119(WSH) which meant that the Wizards had successfully delivered the Los Angeles Lakers their 53rd loss.

This now puts the Wizards in a 2-0 (108 LAL- 119 WSH) win against us this season with the two teams parting ways for the rest of this season.

The top players for both teams were very close scoring wise with J Wall (WSH) scoring 34 points and D Russell scoring 28 points which just shows that the two teams are very similar in skill level, certainly offensive skill. Whenever these teams meet up you are always guaranteed a good time with a lot of scoring, turnovers and a really tight game

The Wizards and their supporters went home happy on the other hand, as not only had they managed to secure themselves a position in the playoffs but they also had moved to just under (by one win) the struggling Cavaliers in second.

In my opinion, I think that in the final quarter is when the Lakers really flopped with two of our men,who had played fairly well throughout the game, playing horribly. In the last few minutes of the game,  Randle did close to nothing to help his struggling team and Ennis missed every shot he took, received a shooting foul AND then proceeded to goaltend. A game like this should be an win or at least a draw for us and we just didn’t give our all for the duration of the game last night because if we had the score could’ve been very different and I’d be reporting a totally different game right now.