Lakers will “probably” make a trade before the deadline

Lakers will “probably” make a trade before the deadline

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Rumor season is a full effect, and the trade machine is running 24/7. Many GM’s are pushing hard to finish some trades and others (probably Mitch) are just now starting to field offers and heavily consider them. The Lakers don’t have many pieces, but 2 in particular stand out: Jordan Clarkson and Lou Williams. Because of their play or current trade value, many teams may need their services. The Lakers are in desperate need of an asset and trading away a guard (not named D’Angelo) could help the core.

According to ESPN’s John Ireland, it appears as if the Lakers just might pull the trigger:

This is interesting to see since Mitch has constantly said the Lakers will keep the same roster going forward, and the Lakers would be “quiet” at the deadline.

It appears as if the Lakers players have significant trade interest and that Mitch has tried to see what he can find. There have been plenty of rumors that the Lakers have been connected to.

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