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Lakers training camp day two roundup - Lakers Pulse

Lakers training camp day two roundup

Lakers training camp day two roundup

Lonzo a Laker? Not so fast my friend!
The Lakers defeat the Clippers 111-104 to end the Preseason (2-4)
Big Baller Land Episode 13

It was day two of Lakers training camp from the University of California Santa Barbara, and from the sounds of it this is only session one of two they will be having on this hot (supposed to be fall) day. Word is that the gym they are practicing in does not have an air conditioner. So the Lakers are cooking, literally.

From the sounds of it, defense was once again the main focus for Walton. It’s no surprise considering the team was one of the worst last season. 

Brandon Ingram banging down low with Coby Karl is a great sight to see. It seems they continue to work on the three-point shot, which appears to come easy for Ingram. The addition of a post-game will expand his versatility even further. 

More Shade?

Now before you laugh and high five someone, this isn’t shade directed at Byron. This shade is more directed towards his European coaches than Byron Scott. Really though, let’s call it shade at Byron because it feels good. I mean when you see quotes like this

It’s hard not to notice players throwing shade at Byron and his “coaching” that he did last season. The Lakers will be scrimmaging after their second session. This scrimmage is off limits to the reporters so more quotes are likely to come.


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