Lakers training camp day three roundup

Lakers training camp day three roundup

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Day 3 of training camp is now in the books, at least session one of two is. There was some noise regarding last night’s scrimmage that was closed to the media discussed with them today.

The scrimmage

Before you go running to the hills and blowing up twitter with “another bad season here we come” rhetoric, understand that this is essentially a new team. New coach, with a new system, and a few new players. Beyond that, as we have seen the past two round ups, defense has been the main focus of practice, offense has been secondary.


As for who was strongest in said scrimmage, Walton wouldn’t reveal that info though it seems “The Catalyst” stood out amongst the team. It seems they have also started ranking the best performances in each drill. This will get the competitive juices flowing for the team as they compete for who’s best.

Brandon Ingram showing defense

There was some more good news as it seems that Brandon Ingram is coming into his own as a defensive player. It should come as little surprise, for Brandon’s 7’3 wingspan is sure to be disruptive on defense. Many believe that he has the tools to be a solid defender in this league.


Beyond a video provided by Mike Bresnahan of Spectrum Sportnset, there wasn’t much else to report. First scrimmage was “sloppy” but that is to be expected. A second scrimmage is planned for tonights second practice, though it will be barred to the media as well. We will likely hear more tomorrow on how it went.

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