Lakers training camp day six round up

Lakers training camp day six round up

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The sixth and final day of training camp is in the books. In two days the Lakers will take on the Sacramento Kings in the first preseason game of the year. There was more love from Luke Walton and some strong defensive play. There was also a beautiful self-lob from Nance.

Defense, Defense and some more Defense

As we all came to understand, despite months of speculation as to what offense the Lakers were going to run, defense was clearly the main focus this training camp. Being one of the worst defensive teams in the league it comes as no surprise. The work has appeared to have paid off for the team.

Russell has made a number of solid defensive plays in camp including this one on Calderon. He sets his feet then forces Calderon into the coverage leading to a tipped pass and a turnover.

Though it’s all just practice, Randle has shown much improvement so far including this play. He switches with Black and takes Yi to the perimeter. Then he sees Yi set a bad screen up top and then traps Deng with Russell forcing a turnover. Stark contrast from stick to your man D that Byron harped on last year.

High flying through space

Offensively we have seen some beautiful ball movement in this new offense. Even more exciting is the space that we have seen. Space means easy trips to the hoop. In the case of the athletes on the team? Some fun highlights.

The movement from the players opens the lane of for Clarkson to rise to the hoop and throw it down. For some perspective this would be the point in which Roy Hibbert’s man would fade off of him. Block Clarkson. Then there would be a breakout for an easy hoop on the other end.

Spacing still rules the day in this play. Nance mad a highlight out of it after getting Randle to bite on the pump fake. He had the option of throwing it to Lou who was wide open on the wing. Young drifted to help and lost track of his man. This is still an awesome dunk that was more fun than watching Lou drain a triple.

Players getting on players

The team seems to be playing loose and having fun. This can sometimes be a bad thing if they get too loose, and start slacking off. According to Luke Walton that is not the case. In an interview with Mark Medina of the Inside SoCal (amongst other sites). Walton stressed that he hasn’t had to be the bad guy yet.

“So far in training camp, I haven’t needed advice on anything,” Walton said on Sunday after practice. “I’m sure there will be things that will happen throughout the season. I’ll definitely reach out to some of those people.”

There is still an 82 game season to be played so he went on to say that he will likely have to step in at certain points in the season. Walton went on to say that the D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, and Larry Nance Jr harped on their teammates when they started to look sluggish. Walton has stated many times that D’Angelo is looking to be a leader for the team. It’s awesome to see the other young core rise to the occasion as well.

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