Lakers training camp day five round up

Lakers training camp day five round up

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Day 5 is in the books, and it looks like the training has become intense and very competitive. Julius Randle continues to beast and continues to get beat up. Brandon Ingram talks about his weight gain in relation to the devastating news that Ben Simmons might have broken his foot do to his quick gains.

Team handling Ingram slowly

As has been stated by Tim DiFranceso (Lakers trainer), the young forward is stronger than he looks. It’s important for the Lakers to take his weight gain slowly. It seems that continued to be stressed after the injury to Ben Simmons yesterday.

195 for his youth and frame is very solid. It seems the trainers all agree that him gaining weight too fast can be detrimental to his play.

Walton continued to reiterate that Ingram is much stronger than he looks. Personally, I don’t think it will be much of an issue considering I don’t expect him to spend a lot of time at the 4.

Walton loves the what he is seeing

Walton expressed that he is excited with what he has seen from the players so far.

It seems the team has really responded to him in a very positive way. As evident from the inbounds plays that they performed towards the end of practice.

Randle with a solid screen in that video. Something we didn’t see a lot of last season.

To show that the Lakers are competing hard in practice Mozgov uses a hard pick twice on Lou Williams which frees up Calderon for the uncontested 3.

My personal favorite we see Calderon with an off ball guard screen. That’s right folks the same play they run in Golden State.

Some shade

It seems the Lakers are really coming into their own on offense. Walton seems to be very pleased, so much so that Walton decided to take his players and coaches out for a fun night in Santa Barbara.

Pleased, fun, night out…stuff we NEVER saw or heard last season.

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