Lakers split on D’Angelo Russell (not really)

Lakers split on D’Angelo Russell (not really)

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Colin Cowherd recently said the Lakers are split on D’Angelo Russell and are willing to trade him. According to Cowherd, he talked to two scouts in the NBA (probably not even from the Lakers) who said that the Lakers would trade D’Angelo Russell “for the right pieces”. He went on to say that they love Ingram and like Nance, Randle, but that they are split on Russell. This comes after a recent report from a more reliable reporter saying the Lakers have not and will not engage Russell in trade talks. Cowherd also aided Byron on his revenge tour and tried to bait Ingram into complaining about not starting. Most importantly, common sense shows the Lakers have nothing to gain by trading Russell. Trading one piece of the core makes no sense. Any return doesn’t fit the timeline. Trading all of them for 1 star puts the Lakers in the Sacramento Kings’ position. Factor in no major outlet has said anything on a Russell trade since summer. I recommend you disregard these Russell talks completely.