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Lakers re-sign Tarik Black - Lakers Pulse

Lakers re-sign Tarik Black

Lakers re-sign Tarik Black

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The Lakers issued out some more good news tonight. It was announced that Tarik Black was resigned to a 2 year 12.85 million dollar contract.

It is no surprise that the Lakers wanted to lock the 24 year old big man out of Kansas. The 6’9 bench player was a solid energy boost off the bench when he was able to get playing time.  Black always worked hard, but lost favor with Byron last season.  When he did play, he made Byron look quite foolish. Black was the only solid pick and roll big man on the team last season.  When D’Angelo Russell and Tarik Black were on the court together, Black was always setting solid picks, then rolling hard to the basket.  One of his best qualities was his constant awareness to look for the ball after setting a pick.

Offensive System Takes Shape

With the signings of Tarik Black and Timofey Mozgov, it’s becoming more apparent that Luke Walton is going to install a primarily pick and roll based offense.  Both centers excelled in this roll, and with possibly the best rookie passer it’s no surprise that Luke is going to take advantage of this.

Rebounding Machine

Tarik Black is also a tenacious rebounder on both ends of the floor. His per 36 for rebounds is an astounding 11.4.  Barely managing 12.7 mins and having a per 36 of 9.6 points with 11.4 rebounds he has the ability to be a solid rotational player.

Defense needs less hands

One major issue with Black is on the defensive side of the ball. At 6’9 he is a bit small for a center. His other issue is his foul trouble. Though he didn’t play much last year he was still prone to fouls.  His per 36 in that regards is 5.7.  With only being able to give up 6 fouls per game, that could potentially pose an issue.

Overall, I think this a great signing. With the market being crazy as it is, sticker shock continues to surprise most.  2 years $12.85 million is $6.4 million per year. Based off last year’s cap that’s roughly $4.4 million per year. For cap watchers $12.85 million is the max you can pay a restricted free agent without going into your cap space. For Black’s services and his potential with some playing time. That could be a steal.

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Per Mike Bresnahan of Time Warner Cable Sportsnet. Tarik Blacks 2nd year of his 2 year contract $12.85 million dollar deal is a team option.