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Lakers Plan to Waive or Trade Young - Lakers Pulse

Lakers Plan to Waive or Trade Young

Lakers Plan to Waive or Trade Young

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The off-season is in full swing and its becoming more apparent that Nick Young is not a part of the future.  Mark Medina of the Daily News made a radio appearance and discussed the wayward Guard. (H/T to Grant Goldberg of Lakers Outsiders)

Mike Bresnahan formally of the LA times now an analyst for Time Warner Sportsnet shared the same sentiments.

Veteran Nick Young has two more years on his contract totaling $11 million, but it will be a surprise if he’s not traded or waived before training camp.

After another bad year in which he fell out of the rotation. His antics on the court, and even more so off the court, wore the franchise and the coaches thin after a “snapchat” fiasco involving Lakers future star D’Angelo Russel went viral. Russel came out the next day owned it, apologized, and has since learned from it.

Young on the other hand took a completely separate stance on the matter.  He stated to the media in the same press conference Russell went through.

“I think it’s best that me and D’Angelo handle the situation we have in a private manner outside the media,” Young said. “I think it’s something we really do need to sit down and talk about. That’s about it. What happened is what happened. We’ve got to work on it.

This “work on it” never actually happened. Young shut Russell out entirely, and proceeded to work on his relationship with Iggy Azalea(or so we thought).

Meanwhile fan backlash for Russell was incredibly harsh. People blamed the 20 year old for ruining Young’s relationship.  Some fans went as far as to call him a bust just based on the incident alone. In the end it turned out Young was just a regular cheater. Azalea came out on twitter and announced that young made a series of infidelities not just the one Russell recorded.

Young on the other hand has not taken the news lightly and has himself gone on a tirade on Twitter (forgive the foul language)

Overall its apparent that young is a very immature individual. He would be a cancer to the growth of our young core. With the acquisitions of Timofey Mozgov and Luol Deng, both incredible locker room guys,  Young and his attitude have no place in this locker room. To Nick Young I say. GOOD RIDDANCE.

UPDATE: Nick Young contniues to be a complete idiot. On July 4th he proceeded to light off illegal fireworks… with his bare hands. (Courtesy of TMZ)

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