Lakers plan to meet with Derrick Rose on ThursdayIMAGE BY: SCOTT HALLERAN/GETTY IMAGES

Lakers plan to meet with Derrick Rose on Thursday

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As the late stages of the 2017 NBA Free Agency Period approaches, the free agency pool get more scarce by the day. Today, the Lakers are looking to round off most of their off-season moves with a deal for Derrick Rose. First reported by Ramona Shelburne on Twitter, the Lakers will meet with Derrick Rose on Thursday:

However, the Lakers isn’t the only team in the running to try to add Derrick Rose. The Cavaliers are also in serious talks with Rose, and are aware of Rose’s meeting with the Lakers. Ramona Shelburne followed her report with another tweet, stating the Lakers would have to sell a superior environment:

Derrick Rose is looking at a very deep dip in his pay after playing 64 games for the New York Knicks last season, making $21.3 million. Hobbled by previous freak injuries, he never returned to his explosive prime in his first few seasons, and has had trouble finding a place in an NBA full of very talented point guards.

Both the Lakers and the Cavaliers are looking for a back-up point guard. Although the Cavaliers already signed Jose Calderon earlier in free agency, the Cavaliers need to find a way to upgrade their bench’s talent. Especially after seeing Golden State improve their bench, and seeing many other teams around them upgrade as well. On the other hand, the Lakers are looking to both fill a need at back-up point guard and find a veteran that will be able to help Lonzo Ball throughout his rookie season.

The Lakers will need to hard-sell the environment and culture they are looking to build in Los Angeles. While also proving it is a better opportunity than what Cleveland is offering. This type of sell will be very challenging and the Cavaliers are in the definite lead for the late race to sign Derrick Rose.