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Lakers not likely to make a trade? - Lakers Pulse

Lakers not likely to make a trade?

Lakers not likely to make a trade?

George Hill is meeting with the Lakers on a possible 1 year deal
Lakers to meet with Dion Waiters
Lakers made calls to 3 different free agents last night

Lakers Twitter has been in debate for a while. Many want to trade a young player for a star, while others want to keep building and trade veterans like Lou Williams and Nick Young for assets. Some just want to stay put. Well, it seems like the last group will get it way, based off Mitch Kupchak’s recent comments


This is good and bad in my opinion. It pretty much confirms the Lakers like their young core and want to build through it. This is the clear and obvious way to go. Rookie scale contracts are invaluable, and the core has shown great promise. Building through draft may take longer, but the benefits last longer too.

However, this also means the Lakers will likely keep Lou Williams and Nick Young. This is terrible in my opinion. Neither are exactly huge veteran presences. Lou may offer a bit by teaching the youngsters how to draw fouls and being a constant professional, but is to quiet to be a mentor. Young is too happy-go-lucky. Yeah they have played well all year, even leading some to thinking Lou is our best player. (He isn’t. D’Angelo and Julius are.) But what happened to this year being about development? If the Lakers can add Nerlens Noel, Mario Henzonja, or more picks they should.

Mitch is not going to come out and say “We are aggressively pursuing trades.” It hurts chemistry and trade leverage. So don’t take these comments to far. But it shows where the Lakers’ mindset it.