Lakers need Lonzo Ball to “wow” them during the workout

Lakers need Lonzo Ball to “wow” them during the workout

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There have been many draft experts that have stated that the Lakers value their workouts a lot more than most teams do. They are very important to understand who the player they are going to draft is, and how the player would do in a practice like setting. There are many questions with Lonzo Ball about his life on and off the court that still need to be answered.

Many people have pegged Lonzo as a sure thing to go to the Lakers, but according to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders (H/T Pro Basketball Talk), the Lakers are going to need to see Lonzo Ball workout so they can believe the hype themselves:

“With reports surfacing that the LA Lakers and former UCLA guard Lonzo Ball have finalized the details of a workout and face to face meeting in LA next week, there is a growing sense that unless Lonzo absolutely blows the doors off, he may not be the Lakers’ guy.”

“The Lakers are weeks away from needing to make their final decision, but there are many that believe the Lakers could go after both Kansas forward Josh Jackson and Kentucky guard De’Aaron Fox (who made my Mock at 2 this week) with the second overall pick.”

It will be really interesting to see how Lonzo works out for the Lakers because it could change the fortunes of the draft. If Lonzo does poorly, De’Aaron Fox or Josh Jackson could pull off an upset similar to D’Angelo Russell over Jahlil Okafor.

Drafting a player with a top 3 pick is crucial for a franchise. They must believe that the guy they are drafting is going to be a star, even if no one else believes it will happen. The Lakers have an insanely good scouting department, and it is important to trust their evaluations. Whoever they end up drafting, they are going to have a great workout. Lonzo Ball included.

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