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Lakers could meet with DeMar DeRozan - Lakers Pulse

Lakers could meet with DeMar DeRozan

Lakers could meet with DeMar DeRozan

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Free agency has kicked into high gear today with Whiteside news, Clarkson news, Turner news, and Batum news. Next up is DeMar DeRozan.

DeMar DeRozan has been a hot topic of debate between Lakers fans and this should fuel that even more. The Lakers are expected to meet with DeRozan about his free agency (h/t LakersNation).

DeMar DeRozan is undoubtedly an all-star and would make the Lakers a better team. The issue has always come down to fit and price. DeRozan is an isolation player that thrives mid-range and is a weak defender. The Lakers not only need 3-point shooting, but Luke Walton‘s offense requires it. Should the Lakers go after the best talent they can or factor in fit?

DeRozan averaged 23.5 points on 44.6%. He shot a career high from 3-point at 38.8% but on only 1.8 per game. The league moved away¬†away from mid-range focused offenses, and DeRozan’s entire game is based off that. Don’t think this means he isn’t a good player, he is. DeRozan would instantly be the Lakers best player.

DeRozan is likely to stay with the Raptors, but there is no harm in him testing the waters. The Lakers will focus elsewhere in free agency, learning from their mistakes of the past.

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