Lakers made calls to 3 different free agents last night

Lakers made calls to 3 different free agents last night

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Laker news has been very sparse to say the least. It seems that the Lakers are actually following their initial plans to stand firm and wait for free agency to play out. Their objective remains to sign lower tier free agents for 1 year deals (or 1+1 deals with team options) rather than go after the big names. So far only 3 free agents have been thrown out there.

Andre Iguodala seems like a pipe dream. He has already met with the Spurs and Houston but it seems that he will be meeting with the Warriors who have a 3 year deal ready to go. It appears that he has cancelled any remaining meetings so a decision on 1 of those 3 is likely imminent. Lakers never got an interview.

There hasn’t been much news about Rajon Rondo who was released by the Bulls. This seems like a weird contact for the Lakers who stated that they have been looking for players that are good locker room guys, good shooters, and good defenders. Rondo is none of those, in fact the only thing Rondo is good for anymore is passing and rebounding. Something that multiple fans have argued with me are the reasons D’Angelo Russell was shipped out.

Out of the 3 that were contacted last night Ben Mclemore makes the most sense. He is athletic as well as a solid shooter. Many believe that he still has a lot of untapped potential and was just in a bad situation. Many players that come out Sacramento usually share the same sentiment. He is a 2 guard that can shoot the 3 for a decent percentage if given the opportunity. He is also going to be a reclamation project. Coming off his rookie deal the Kings gave up on him so maybe he can find that ability that got him selected 7th overall in the 2013 draft.

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