Lakers talked to Kings about DeMarcus Cousins

Lakers talked to Kings about DeMarcus Cousins

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George Karl is a releasing a book titled Furious George on January 10. Chances are you have heard of it for some Melo-dramatic reasons. But the book also included information on the Lakers.

DeMarcus Cousins is the best center in the NBA and a superstar. He also seems to be unhappy in Sacramento, and I am sure they have grown tired of his outbursts.  Naturally, there have been Boogie to the Lakers rumors. Well, George Karl confirmed the Lakers have talked to the Kings about trading for Cousins in the past.

These discussions were reported to include the Lakers 2015 draft pick (D’Angelo Russell) and Julius Randle.  Hindsight is 20/20, but the Lakers were smart not to make this deal. Cousins’ antics would not be good for a team that, at the time, had a bad culture with Scott as the coach. Randle has also surprised some people with how much he has improved and shown he can be an all-star. D’Angelo Russell is also putting up insane numbers for a 2nd year guard in limited minutes. Also, with Cousins the Lakers may have ended up winning a few more games and losing there 2016 draft pick, who turned into Brandon Ingram. Short term gain is not worth long tern loss.

This isn’t exactly news. But early versions of Karl’s books have made it official (although this has been removed at the request of the Kings). While the Lakers may not have the best center in the NBA, they have a fantastic young core and a bright future.