Lakers to waive Jose Calderón? Probably not

Lakers to waive Jose Calderón? Probably not

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According to Chris Broussard, the Lakers may waive Jose Calderón, and if they do, he seems to think he’ll end up on the Cavaliers. This seems unlikely, as Calderón is a good veteran presence on a young Lakers team, but let’s explore what’s being said here.


This is a soft rumor, because Broussard isn’t claiming the Lakers are going to release Calderón. He may have inside information, or he could just be tweeting his random thoughts on the matter. Nobody really knows anything at this point.

Calderon’s contract is already guaranteed through the rest of the year, and then he will be a free agent. The Lakers received him in a trade with the Chicago Bulls because they were able to take on his salary.

José has only played in 15 games this season, averaging 4.4 pts, 2.2 reb, and 2.4 ast in 13.3 minutes a game. I don’t believe the Lakers would cut him, and I don’t think that Broussard has any sources on the matter. The Lakers organization is known to be air tight, and rarely ever let information out to reporters. Chris could be the exception to the rule, but based off of his past claims, I believe this is a rumor he created. The Lakers COULD waive Jose, and he COULD end up on the Cavaliers, but he has no way of knowing either for certain. I think it’s safe to say that Calderón will be a Laker for the rest of this season.

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