Lakers have the hardest schedule in the league

Lakers have the hardest schedule in the league

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The NBA schedule was released today and it was essentially worst case scenario for the Lakers. The Lakers were already projected to be the 3rd worst team in the league this season by ESPN, and now they have the hardest schedule in the league this season.

The Lakers share a division with the Warriors and Clippers and a conference with the Spurs. This should be no surprise that they have the one of the hardest schedules, but to have THE hardest is a bit of a downer.

The Lakers opponent win % will be .515, and a whopping .555 the first month of the season. The Lakers also have the most games this season as the team with less rest before the game. To say the young guys will be thrown into the fire is an understatement, but sometimes the best way to learn is trial by fire.

This will be disappointing news to most Lakers fans, and will undoubtedly bring out murmurs of team tank early in the year. I will try my best to get out in front of those now: The Lakers will not be “tanking”. The young guys will play a large majority of the minutes, regardless of result. Tanking implies manipulating minutes to lose more games, which the Lakers will not do. They will lose organically (hooray), but the second half of the season should provide plenty of optimism. This season isn’t about winning, it’s about development and having fun.