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CBS Sports ranks Lakers bench 29th - Lakers Pulse

CBS Sports ranks Lakers bench 29th

CBS Sports ranks Lakers bench 29th

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As the dog days of summer for NBA fans continue to move along, more sites continue to push out early predictions. Yesterday, the NBA team over at CBS Sports ranked all the starting units. Today, CBS Sports released another ranking list, this time ranking the NBA’s bench units. The Lakers, as you would imagine, didn’t fare too well.

CBS Bench Rankings

Bucket of salt

To say you should take this with a grain of salt is a serious understatement. Technically, the roster hasn’t entirely filled out just yet. We still have no clue what the plan is for class clown Nick Young. Hints have been given regarding Young, however nothing is official until the Lakers make it so. Also absent is the guard known as “The Catalyst”, Marcelo Huertas, who re-signed with the Lakers this offseason. With the addition of Jose Calderon, it is likely that his minutes are diminished, though Huertas is still a part of the bench unit regardless.

Julius Randle won’t be getting sun burnt

It is unknown who wrote both the excerpts on the ranking lists. It is clear that they don’t feel Julius Randle is the future starting power forward for this team. Rehashing what was stated in the starting rankings, they feel that Brandon Ingram will surpass Randle as the starting power forward. In my opinion, this is an outrageous statement and or stance to take. We still have yet to see what Julius Randle is capable of in this point forward favoring system that Luke plans to install. The continuous shade thrown at Julius, even by some of Lakers twitter, is excruciatingly unwarranted. Julius should be allowed the chance to show what he has improved upon.

Brandon Ingram is not a power forward…yet

Brandon Ingram can play power forward. However, to start him there while he is this young is a misuse of his abilities. In a small ball situation, as likely will be used, he absolutely can play the power forward spot. Ingram still has a lot of room to grow in order to bang down low with what is still a very large position. With Ingram’s frame, he won’t be able to start against players like Draymond Green, Kristaps Porzingis, LaMarcus Aldridge, Zach Randolph, Blake Griffin, or the many other large power forwards that start in this league. It would be unfair to make him do so.

That said we still have no idea how Luke Walton plans to play with either Randle or Ingram. Randle has already stated that he has been watching a ton of film on Draymond Green. Hints have been dropped, but nothing will be certain until the first ball is thrown in the air when the pre-season starts.

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